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Wild Rift

Wild Rift Pajama Guardian Ezreal Preview

Wild Rift Pajama Guardian Ezreal

Ezreal, currently one of the most versatile ADCs in the game, is receiving a new skin in Wild Rift! Already having existed in League PC, Pajama Guardian Ezreal joins the mobile MOBA in a couple of days. This skin line correlates directly with the Start Guardian skins, but provide a more comfy look to the already dazzling cosmetics. Comfy wear never looked so good! Before buying any skin, understanding what the skin looks like is essential. So here is a Wild Rift Pajama Guardian Ezreal Preview to help players make an informed decision.

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Click the YouTube link above to see a preview of Wild Rift Pajama Guardian Ezreal.

Footage courtesy Yikez, who uploaded the content on YouTube.For those familiar with the Star Guardian skin line, the effects and visuals from the skills are quite literally the exact same. The only real difference being the more comfy outfit, as previously mentioned before.

Nonetheless, although lacking a little creativity, the Ezreal skin is very adorable. Dazzling with his skill shots never looked better in Wild Rift. All the while preparing to head to bed after a nice, easy W.

In Conclusion

Skins in Wild Rift cost real life money. In other words, make sure to do the proper research before purchasing a skin. For those who already own the Star Guardian iteration, skipping Wild Rift Pajama Guardian Ezreal really wouldn’t be a big miss. Hopefully, this preview helped players observe exactly what the skin looks like. And for more Wild Rift coverage, make sure to stay connected at The Game Haus.

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