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Wild Rift OP Picks

Wild Rift OP Picks

Looking for some overpowered picks to abuse in Patch 2.6? Well, search no further. Provided here are 10 OP picks for Wild Rift. From newly released champions that scale incredibly well, Baron lane champions that 1v1 practically everyone, and even support champs that serve as the backbone of their respective teams. This list of Wild Rift OP picks is sure to help push players knowledge of the meta forward, alongside grant some amazing champion recommendations.

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The information for Wild Rift OP Picks was provided by Kerxx and Vindey of RiftGuides. Special thanks for their help.

Be sure to check out their channel by clicking the link below for a video version of the guide.


For our first champion up is Kayle.

She’s probably the most broken champion currently in Wild Rift, so make sure to play her as much as possible. It’s literally FREE LP. However, Kayle also needs a bit of time to scale into that late game monster.

From levels 1 to 4, she’s in her most vulnerable state. It’s easy to abuse her with a coordinated jungle duo combo. Especially in the baron lane this can be Kayle’s downfall as it’s usually the lane that is mostly the victim of jungle dif.

After level 5 though Kayle turns into a champion that can actively participate in the game. Turning from a melee into a ranged champion, while also obtaining an ability that makes her or one of her allies invulnerable really turns her level 5 into a massive power spike. 

Now for her items there are 3 different core builds prepared.

The first build features a Manamune start into a Solari Charge Blade and an Infinity edge. This one really hurts as it’s benefitting from quite a lot of ad as well as crit in combination with ability haste.

The second build consists of Nashor’s tooth, Rabadon’s deathcap and Lichbane. With these items, players can pretty much guess what to do – play around Lichbane’s internal cooldown and weave in as many empowered auto attacks as possible. 

Last but not here’s a more relaxing build: Hextech gunblade, Nashor’s tooth and Rabadon’s death. The goal of this build is to grant additional sustain as well as early power to start snowballing. 


Next up on this list comes Renekton! Ask any baron laner out there and he’s going to say one thing: Renekton is broken and way too easy to play. One might even go so far so say that if those who play Renekton a lot are inflating their elo quite a bit 

He’s just too damn strong! 

The moment Renekton hits level 3 he can just go for the most unfair trades ever. Especially once he’s stacked up enough fury, keep distance from him – otherwise risk losing more than just half HP in an instant. And once the Crocodile snowballs, his opponents are done for the rest of the game.

He’s going to buy a Blade of the Ruined King, Black Cleaver and a Sterak’s Gauge. With those he’s going to oneshot while also becoming unkillable.  By the way, for those who don’t know: blade of ruined king applies its on hit damage 3 times on Renekton’s empowered second ability!


Another new champion that has been recently released is Jayce! Similar to Renekton, this champion’s strength in lane is absurd. Nonetheless in direct comparison to his scaled friend, Jayce puts on the pressure on level 1 already. Like no other champion he has access to two spells on level 1 which is insane in terms of bonus damage especially considering how broken conqueror is as well.

Getting it stacking super fast really changes the dynamic of fights. Taking that into consideration really offers a whole world of options when it comes to dominating the laning phase.

For items, take something very specific – an absolutely broken item that a lot of people completely disregard in Wild Rift. Manamune. After that, Black Cleaver and then Serylda’s Grudge. 

Here’s some extra information about Manamune though. The evolved form of Manamune is called Muramana and its bonus on hit effect procs on EVERY SINGLE of Jayce’s second ability’s auto attacks.


Next up is Kha’zix, one of the soloQ monsters of Wild Rift. Facing this champion is never fun. Upon completing his Duskblade, players cannot spot him any more without him knowing about it. The moment he walks into vision of a ward or literally anything his Duskblade passive is going to tell him and he can adjust his approach.

Even worse than that is the fact that he wins every 1v1 post level 5 unless the enemy is insanely fed.  As the game goes on his strengths evolve the way he wants and needs them to. Which means that the longer the game goes on, the scarier this champion becomes.

He has the power to peel an entire enemy team on his own as well as Katarina-esque clean-up potential thanks to his evolved wings. To get to that point in the easiest fashion, take Duskblade, Death’s Dance or Black Cleaver and Mortal Reminder.


Now what about Kayle’s sister. She can clear the jungle in under 1 minute and 25 seconds  and hit level 4 WITHOUT a leash. Not many other champions can do that. And if that wasn’t good enough already she’s also able to force the enemy to walk into specific directions. Running away from morgana in a straight line is almost as good as suicide.

Now add red buff’s slow to the mix and there’s some insane pressure when it comes to ganking. The enemy is forced to jiggle in order to avoid Morgana’s dark binding. But avoid using it, and make some high IQ plays. As a consequence, Morgana easily closes the distance between her and the enemy champion.  This results in an easy time aiming her first ability – or at least a free flash.

For items, go Rod of Ages, Rabadon’s Deathcap and Voidstaff. However for players feeling the lack of abilitiy haste, swap Rod of Ages for a Luden’s Echo.


Next on the List is an assassin everybody hates to face – Zed. This guy has probably caused more nightmares than anything else in Wild Rift so far. But what makes him so obnoxious to deal with? 

On one hand it’s his insane burst damage and mobility on the map. He’s a reliable side laner that always puts on the pressure – regardless of the situation. Even more insane is his third ability in combination with his shadows. On the PC version of this game his third ability only deals damage once – regardless of the amount of shadows. However on Wild Rift EACH instance of it deals damage. Now combine that with his shuriken and yeah – even a tanky Renekton with gargoyle just pops. 

The items grant him so much power. Go Youmuus Ghostblade, Black Cleaver and Serylda as core items for a great time dealing with ANYTHING. 


One assassin isn’t enough here’s another one, Fizz!

This champion has fallen a bit out of favor after being nerfed. Regardless of that he’s still a strong champion that can be picked in either jungle, mid or even baron lane – at least sometimes! But what makes this lil fella so strong?

It’s his burst damage. Once this fishstick hits his target with his shark, the target can only pray that he already have a stasis enchant. Otherwise, the poor fella is a goner. 

With the newest update there’s some more room for counterplay though. Buy Edge of Night or Banshee’s Veil to avoid dying to his ultimate – that way his prey only die from being oneshot by his other spells.

And for those wanting to oneshot their enemies ALL the time, rush Luden’s Echo into a Rabadon’s Deathcap and a Lichbane! 


Now let’s move on to our next pick and it’s not an assassin, at least not in the conventional way. If anything he’s assassinating the entire team – at the same time. It’s Brand! This champion’s damage is beyond reasonable once stacked into teamfights.

And want to know the best thing about it? It doesn’t even matter if Brand dies – as long as he throws out every single cooldown into the enemy team he’s usually going to end up on the winning side- amazing right?

However there’s something to Brand that makes him way better than he already is: melee heavy drafts. The more melee champions found on the enemy team the better this champion is going to perform.

For those wanting to further increase their performance on Brand, take items such as Luden’s Echo, Rabadon’s Deathcap and Liandrys or alternatively a Voidstaff.


Looking for champions to crawl back into the game? Then don’t look any further and pick up Vayne. She ignores all resistances in the game and even the amount of HP she’s facing doesn’t matter in the slightest. All thanks to her 2nd ability’s true damage.

Whenever a lot of short ranged enemy champions are locked in, Vayne becomes the perfect pick. To spice it up a bit more ask the support to pick Lulu. This is essentially the exodia soloq combination. Absolutely demonic in terms of carry potential and damage.

Items such as blade of the Ruined King, Solari Chargeblade AND Infinity Edge make it even harder to play against this champion.

Champions cannot run from her unless they have flash available. And for those exposed to her for even a brief moment will end up in your fountain quickly after.


Last for this list comes Rakan – one of the most OVERTUNED supports in Wild Rift. His damage and mobility are obscene and it’s so easy for him to find engages. Don’t forget that everyone is playing on mobile devices and not on a PC so reaction time, connection and the reliability of hitboxes are not really guaranteed. 

One might say that he’s a support champion, but one could also say that he’s an AP assassin – at least if he’s running electrocute in combination with a few AP items. Build a rod of ages, an ardent censer and a staff of flowing water. Those items are cheap, efficient and will really help carry games with ease.

In Conclusion

Since Wild Rift is ever evolving, keeping up with the meta easily becomes overwhelming. Hopefully, this list of Wild Rift OP picks helps facilitate the learning curve. Keep in mind, though these picks are super powerful, they’re not the only strong champions in Wild Rift. Even picks that aren’t technically meta can see success, as long as the player utilizing the champion understands what they’re doing. With that in mind, check out more informative content, such as videos and guides, at RiftGuides, alongside the written version of the videos here at The Game Haus!

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