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Wild Rift OP Picks Patch 3.2

Wild Rift OP Picks

Greetings summoners. This article will go over Wild Rift OP Picks for Patch 3.2. These champions, for one reason or another, dominate the meta at the current state of the game. They are very likely to receive some substantial nerfs in the near future, and therefore players should abuse them while they still can. There won’t be too many picks in this list, since the writer is tired and just wants to get some content out there. But without much further ado, here are some Wild Rift OP picks.

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This ADC is probably the strongest marksmen in the game right now. The champion received many buffs in the past, but what really broke him wasn’t really a champion update. In actuality, it was the inclusion of the Kraken Slayer Rune. Though the rune itself isn’t the best on a lot of champions, it’s particularly broken on Lucian. Since Lucian loves to throw out short burst basic attack combos, he easily makes great use of the third basic attack enhancement.

In League PC, players would have to take press the attack to make maximize his damage. The Wild Rift version, Kraken Slayer, is kind of like Press the Attack, but allows Lucian to proc the third basic attack on multiple occasions. A lot of different region players are definitely sleeping on the Lucian pick. But South Korean players have been absolutely abusing this particular rune with this particular champion. So for those attempting to climb, definitely make use of it.


Similar to her husband, Senna loves the rune Kraken Slayer. But this is definitely more of a late game rune, allowing this particular Wild Rift OP Pick to scale effectively. Since Senna doesn’t basic attack nearly as fast as Lucian, she doesn’t make as much use of the rune in the early laning phases. Fast forward to the team fighting stages, and Senna absolutely bursts down champions.

She’s actually a really good support, who provides CC, healing, and damage all in one. Take Giant Slayer as well, to help maximize her damage output during the team fighting stages. Do not sleep on this pick, and try the champion out before players realize how strong she is. For those familiar with the League of Legends Kraken Slayer Senna build, this build plays incredibly similar to that.

Note: a lot of different regions of players don’t understand how good Kraken Slayer is on certain champions. It’s a pretty bad rune overall, but on some specific champions, such as Senna and Lucian, it’s absolutely fantastic.


The newly released champion, Ekko, is incredibly strong. He’s super difficult to kill, thanks to his ultimate’s versatility, and the champion’s burst damage potential is no joke. The mage plays in both the mid lane and the jungle, allowing various positions to abuse the pick. Honestly, the champion’s amount of healing when using his ultimate definitely needs some adjustment. It’s far too generous.

Anyway, for those who want to go in for some deep melee damage, while scaling with ability power, Ekko is one of the best picks to do so with.


This particular champion sits in a rather weird place at the moment. She was definitely undeniably overpowered in the last two patches, but after receiving some substantial nerfs, many players avoid the pick now. But even in patch 3.2, she’s very strong. Not necessarily because of her damage, at least not anymore, but because of the incredible utility she brings during team fights.

With CC, slows, and barriers, Karma provides great cover for team fights. The champion synergizes amazingly with staff of flowing water alongside ardent censor, since she can provide two different champions the buffs simultaneously.

In Conclusion

Thanks for reading! For more Wild Rift Content, be sure to check out the other Wild Rift content at TGH. Anyway, hopefully this list of some Wild Rift OP picks helped players understand the meta a little bit. There will be more information on the meta coming out when the next Wild Rift Tier List releases, so be on the look out for that. And per usual, be sure to stay connected.

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