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Wild Rift OP Picks Patch 3.1B

wild rift op picks

Understanding the meta serves essential to climbing in Wild Rift. And every couple of weeks, the developers patch and adjust the balance, thereby evolving the game’s environment. To help players understand and master the current patch, here is a list of Wild Rift OP Picks for Patch 3.1B. These picks, for one reason or another, stand out substantially. Whether it’s because of their hyper carry team fight potential, or insane utility during skirmishes, these champions are highly abusable in the current state of the game.

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This champion plays as one of the best supports in the game. Riot nerfed in Patch 3.1B, but the pick definitely breaks the game. Initially, a lot of players slept on the pick. But now that players grew accustomed to her kit, the amount of utility she provides is definitely overpowered.

Her first ability damage received nerfs, but despite the nerfs, the damage is quite substantial. Disregarding pure damage output, when building Ardent Censor alongside Staff of Flowing Water, Karma’s shields make for provide absurd utility. The movement speed to two allies simultaneously alongside damage buffs from the items allow the carries to clean up with ease. Especially when comboed with her incredible CC from her ultimate ability and snares from her second ability, Karma easily takes over team fights.

For support players attempting to climb, definitely try picking up Karma if she’s open. In high elo games, she’s almost always banned or picked, which should speak volumes to her strength.


Moving onto another broken champion is Jinx. When paired with a skilled enchanter support, the mad rocketeer goes crazy during the game determining skirmishes. This is largely in part to the Stormrazor changes, which allow Jinx to slow multiple targets with a single hit. The utility of the slow allows Jinx to capitalize on the openings, snowballing the fight thereafter.

All it takes is one takedown participation before Jinx streamrolls a fight. As long as she stays alive, and manages to output damage consistently, Jinx should be able to carry the game. But keep in mind, Jinx lacks escapes and dashes. So be wary of positioning when utilizing Jinx, because she can easily be burst down by high damage bruisers. Picks like Irelia and Fiora, who love to dive into the enemy’s backline, shut Jinx down. This rings especially true if players are just careless, or Jinx doesn’t have an enchanter support.

Jinx with a tank isn’t bad either, but to fully maximize the pick, try playing her with an enchanter. The Ardent Censor buff and shields really break the pick.


The grand duelist, although having received nerfs to her lunge, is still pretty powerful. She has an incredibly high skill cap, and thanks to her passive buffs, Fiora is highly worth mentioning. Especially when comboed wtih Hullbreaker, an item that increases split push power, the duelist can mow down turrets with ease.

This pick, unlike some conventional “broken” picks, is more only really broken when played properly. In essence, it’s not really broken, but just has an amazingly high skill expression. So for players confident in their mechanical abilities and damage output, pick up Fiora in the Baron lane. Now moving onto Jungle.


This jungler just ignores all crowd control. Enemies want to stop him? Well, good luck. That’s just not going to happen. Olaf absolutely steam rolls team fights, just mowing down anyone who finds themselves unfortunate enough to be in his path. Despite receiving some nerfs in the past, Olaf excels at taking over games.

During the early game, which is an essential part of snowballing a victory, Olaf wins practically every 1v1. Abuse this advantage, and make invades into the enemy jungle. Gain enough of a gold advantage to kill everyone in the way.

For team fights, Olaf essentially ignores the entire enemy team’s composition. A lot of synergies rely heavily on stacking crowd control, creating bigger and wider openings to capitalize on. But by simply ignoring all of that, Olaf can bulldoze straight into the enemy back line. And once the enemy carries fall, the team fight is more often than not won.


Last but definitely not least is a pick for the mid lane: Diana. The scorn of the moon starts the game off a tad slow. But once she learns her ultimate, any properly coordinated team fight is won. For those who don’t know, Diana’s ultimate creates a circle around her, knocking up enemies and dealing damage. A well timed ultimate can turn essentially any game around, granted her team properly follows up.

She’s not the easiest champion to play. Players must keep track of which minions they’ve hit with her first ability. But for those who have a natural inclination or practiced her a lot, Diana excels in the current patch 3.1B.

In Conclusion

Hopefully this Wild Rift OP Picks for patch 3.1B helped players understand the meta. But don’t expect to just instant win with these champions, especially in solo queue. Coordination, communciation, and practice while playing these champs go a long way in helping their OP traits shine. Oh, and Karma will definitely receive more nerfs in the future. The other picks might, but Karma is undeniably broken at the current moment. Abuse the champion for those who know how to before inevitable nerfs. And for more content, make sure to stay connected.

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