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Wild Rift OP Picks 3.1

Wild Rift OP picks

The recent Wild Rift patch 3.1 update added some amazing changes to the game. From new items, two new champions, and balance updates that were much needed, the patch drastically shifted the effective meta. The patch then left room for even more broken picks to shine. In this Wild Rift OP picks list, some of these strong picks will be highlighted. And by doing so, hopefully players will gain some insight useful to understanding the meta. After all, by understanding the meta, players climb more effectively. The list highlights one pick from each role.

So without much further ado, here are a list of some of the most broken Wild Rift OP Picks for Patch 3.1.

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Master Yi

First up is Master Yi. Make sure to either first pick the champion, or ban him. Thanks to his rework, which essentially replicated his Q from League PC, the champion became super broken. But people always say a champion is broken. What makes Master Yi different? 

Well, this time he is definitely broken. This isn’t an opinion, but straight fact.

For those who don’t know, Master Yi’s first ability alpha strike can now hit targets multiple times with one cast. In Riot’s words, “if there are no other targets, this ability can strike the same enemy unit repeatedly, dealing 25% with each subsequent strike.” 25% doesn’t sound like a lot. But if Master Yi hits a single target, that’s literally 100% more damage. This allows the sword wielder to shred through literally every champion in the game. 

That doesn’t mean Yi doesn’t have counters. He’s still weak in the very early game, especially if he wastes his alpha strike. The champion is vulnerable to burst damage and CC, but these weaknesses aren’t exploitable enough. At the current moment, his strengths far outweigh his weaknesses. 


Karma is next. And honestly, she works better as a mid lane champion than a support at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, Karma support still works. But the amount of wave clear in her kit feels almost like a waste to have her sit passively in lane. When going mid, AOE damage allows her to wave clear and gain lane priority. This then helps her roam the map and apply pressure elsewhere. 

The meta is full of jungle carries at the moment. Champions like Jax and Master Yi love extra buffs to help them destroy their enemies. Karma has speed buffs, CC, and area of effect damage, all of which help her support her jungler very well. And as most players know, jungle gap often determines the game.

As a whole, Riot honestly did an excellent job reworking the champion for Wild Rift. Although she definitely is rather strong, she’s not that overbearing. Her kit makes sense, allowing for high skill expression without completely breaking the game. 


The third champion is Jax. Though he received some nerfs, the addition of the new item, divine sunderer, pretty much broke him again.  He scales incredibly hard, and quite frankly deals way too much damage. This rings especially true when matched up against a poor team composition, which will happen quite regularly in ranked.

Extra healing on hit and damage scaling with maximum HP means Jax can chunk down practically any target. But his strong scaling damage isn’t the only thing that makes him OP. Jax is a really safe pick. The champion is relatively tanky, and Jax’s damage mitigation gives him insurance.  Thanks to his first ability’s added mobility, Jax has a versatile tools to carry games.

If Jax positions a well timed stun, he can steam roll through the enemy thereafter. Once the enemies are stuck staring at their death timers, Jax chunks down turrets with ease. Jax is another one of those champions that players should either learn to pick up, ban, or have a counter pick ready for.


Son Goku is pretty OP, with a stronger scaling power level than Vegeta. When paired with ultra instinct alongside Kamehameha, the pick scales into a very powerful solo carry. But his biggest weakness is underestimating his opponents and insisting on 1v1s. 

Anyway, Wukong in Wild Rift loves the addition of Divine Sunderer. Before the item’s introduction, Wukong’s item options weren’t the best. Sterak’s works on him, but it doesn’t feel amazing. He wasn’t necessarily weak before. The addition of the item makes him a very stable pick. Divine Sunderer is relatively cheap, with amazing stats and bonus abilities. The extra healing, HP, ability haste, and damage synergize wonderfully with Wukong’s kit.

While Master Yi and Jax are more like split push selfish hyper carries, Wukong is a more utility based jungler. The double knock up from his ultimate doesn’t deal amazing damage. But the CC opportunity allows his teammates to clean up rather seamlessly. 


Last but not least is the brand new ninja, Shen. He doesn’t seem that strong at first, but Shen actually deals surprisingly high damage. Players would also be surprised by how generous the hit box on his taunt is. The biggest asset he brings to the game is easily his ultimate ability. His ult creates a barrier on a single target ally, teleporting Shen to them soon after. And since Wild Rift ultimates are available at the early level of 5, a good Shen player easily changes the tides of a team fight. 

So many times a skirmish will go poorly because a teammate couldn’t rotate in time. This often results in players tilting, spam pinging, and trash talking the player who didn’t rotate. With Shen, that’s much less of an issue. There are other teleporting ultimates in the game, but Shen’s is the only true defensive one. The extra barrier comes in clutch, especially when used on a squishy allied ADC who has been surrounded by enemies. 

In conclusion

Since Wild Rift is ever evolving, keeping up with the meta easily becomes overwhelming. Hopefully, this list of Wild Rift OP picks helps facilitate the learning curve. Keep in mind, though these picks are super powerful, they’re not the only strong champions in Wild Rift. Even picks that aren’t technically meta can see success, as long as the player utilizing the champion understands what they’re doing.

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