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Wild Rift OP Picks 3.0B

Wild Rift OP picks

The recent Wild Rift patch 3.0B update helped fix some of the most absurd picks. But the patch then left room for even more broken picks to shine. In this Wild Rift OP picks list, some of these strong picks will be highlighted. And by doing so, hopefully players will gain some insight useful to understanding the meta. After all, by understanding the meta, players climb more effectively. The list highlights one pick from each role. So without much further ado, here are a list of some of the most broken Wild Rift OP Picks for Patch 3.0B.

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Support: Yuumi

The cat menace received massive buffs. These buffs are very much enough to warrant the champion as broken. Yuumi’s damage on her first ability is a little absurd, thanks to the recent Patch 3.0B buffs. But why is she so strong? For those who don’t know, Yuumi can actually maneuver her first ability without attaching to an ally. Since Wild Rift Yuumi isn’t as reliant on sticking onto an ally champion, she can pressure during the lane a bit more than her PC counterpart. Of course, that doesn’t mean her laning phase is strong. In fact, it’s her weakest stage by far.

Play to survive, at least until learning ultimate when pioneering Yuumi. Yuumi becomes truly broken once she learns her ultimate. The damage on this ability is insane, and since she remains invulernable when hiding in an ally while casting it, the move has nearly no weakness.

Keep in mind, Yuumi is very strong in the current meta, but isn’t without her counters. Thresh completely eats the poor cat for breakfast, and is in fact another incredible support pick in Patch 3.0B.

ADC: Varus

The current meta rewards early game marksmen with strong wave clear. This makes Varus one of the greatest picks for the patch. His early game clear and poke is broken. A good Varus player hits 9/10 skill shot arrows. After all, the hit box on the ability is quite generous in Wild Rift. One of the greatest tools in Varus’ kit is his ultimate ability, which provides CC.

Not many other marksmen have such a tool. Excluding Ashe, no marksmen comes close to mimicking Varus’ engage. The tides of victory in Wild Rift are largely determined in the early game, especially those first couple team fights. Varus excels in these fights, capable of providing engage alongside damage.

But similar to Yuumi, Varus isn’t without his weaknesses. The champion begins to fall off during the late game, especially when building Lethality. So try to snowball the game, and close it out as fast as possible.

Jungle: Jax

Although the lantern wielder received nerfs, he’s very much still a very powerful pick. Junglers tend to prioritize either the early game or the mid to late game. Jax is one of the cases where he prefers the mid to late. He struggles a little during the early game, but isn’t necessarily horrendously weak.

Thanks to his hopping ability, a safe Jax player will find themselves perfectly capable of escaping sticky situations. Prioritize scaling, and hard carry the mid to late stages of the game.

But what makes Jax so strong?

Well, a lot of melee champions are meta at the moment. Especially in the mid, jungle, and Baron lanes. Jax effectively counters every melee champion, thanks to his area of effect stun alongside damage mitigation. In essence, walking up to a strong Jax during the mid to late game spells out a death sentence.  He can essentially ignore all damage for a short time, then proceed to jump and destroy the enemy back line.

He even counters many basic attack reliant marksmen as well. He’s just super strong, but with his biggest weakness being the early game.

Mid: Zed

This menace continues to remain strong. The champion’s safety alongside burst damage make him incredibly hard to deal with. It doesn’t help that Zed is super user friendly to pilot in Wild Rift. This guy has probably caused more nightmares than anything else in Wild Rift so far. But what makes him so obnoxious to deal with? 

On one hand it’s his insane burst damage and mobility on the map. He’s a reliable side laner that always puts on the pressure – regardless of the situation. Even more insane is his third ability in combination with his shadows. On the PC version of this game his third ability only deals damage once – regardless of the amount of shadows. However on Wild Rift each instance of it deals damage. Now combine that with his shuriken and yeah – even a tanky Renekton with gargoyle just pops. 

The items grant him so much power. Go Youmuus Ghostblade, Black Cleaver and Serylda as core items for a great time dealing with anything. 

Baron Lane: Sett

This one definitely snowballs hard. But it can also fall off hard, so be a bit careful.

Sett’s early game damage and trading potential allow him to punish out of position Baron laners with ease. Simply grab them in, and proceed to bash their head in with his fists. Sett also excels at dealing with multiple targets. The boss responds to ganks by pulling the enemy in, granting extra damage when bashing multiple enemies at once. This makes Sett annoying to gank, especially since Sett can utilize his ultimate to run out. Comboed with his damage mitigating shield, Sett is undeniably a Wild Rift OP pick for 3.0B.

He struggles against champions that kite him effectively, such as Vayne. But a good Vayne in the top lane is so rare in solo queue, so it’s almost never a terrible decision to just insta lock Sett in solo queue.

In conclusion

Since Wild Rift is ever evolving, keeping up with the meta easily becomes overwhelming. Hopefully, this list of Wild Rift OP picks helps facilitate the learning curve. Keep in mind, though these picks are super powerful, they’re not the only strong champions in Wild Rift. Even picks that aren’t technically meta can see success, as long as the player utilizing the champion understands what they’re doing.

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