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Wild Rift New Champion Teased?

New champion releases in Wild Rift are some of the most exciting events for the game’s progress. In a recent trailer for Psychic Detective Senna, a Wild Rift New Champion Teased! The trailer shows off the Senna skin, looking absolutely amazing. In the cinematic, Psychic Detective Senna’s lore is teased. As the trailer goes on, the end scene shows a silhouette of a foreboding looking creature. For most who are unfamiliar with League of Legends, this creature may go unnoticed. But a well informed eye sees differently.

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Azir Potentially Teased

Wild Rift New Champion

Psychic Detective Senna Trailer

The shadow could be Azir. Its head shape looks rather sharp, indicative of Azir’s bird beak. This doesn’t necessarily confirm his entry into Wild Rift. But this is Riot, and they’re known for putting these little sneak peaks and hints in their videos.

Take for example their first cinematic, where Teemo, Yasuo, and a number of other champions were shown. At the time of the video’s release, Teemo hadn’t joined Wild Rift quite yet. But if watched now, the cinematic’s characters have since all joined the game. It’s likely that this recent trailer will be no different.

The alternatives to the shadowy figure’s identity would be Warwick or Volibear. Notice the size of the creature’s waste. Its broad shoulders slim inwards. The shadow’s arms are quite slim too, so it’s definitely not Volibear because Volibear just built different. It could quite possibly be Warwick as well, but the color yellow typically represents Azir much more. Warwick is known for being a savage lusting after blood, but the vibe from the video has a dignified, yet menacing aura.

For most of Azir’s splash arts, the champion is drawn with sharp lines. The champion’s lore and theme is highlighted by its divine power, with its usual stances showing off his sovereignty. His entrance in the trailer is exactly that, with a literal divine gateway shining yellow before he appears as if out of nowhere. Azir doesn’t typically have two stems coming out of his head, but assuming this takes place in a separate universe, this could be a new Azir skin.

The last piece of evidence is that Senna is known for fighting evil. Certainly, this alternative Psychic Detective Senna is no different. Azir, without a doubt, is one of the biggest evils known in the Runeterra universe. Warwick, on the other hand, is more of a science experiment gone wrong.

In Conclusion

Azir’s debut in Wild Rift just makes a lot of sense. He couldn’t be added in before, since the developers were still learning how to create more complex champions in the mobile platform. But now that team in charge of champion implementation gained more experience, Wild Rift Azir would be an amazing Wild Rift new Champion. It would test the developer’s skills, alongside the players, pushing the game to new heights. Keep in mind, this isn’t an official reveal. This article is a speculation from evidence alongside journalistic instinct.

For those who disagree, make sure to leave a comment about who they think it might be!

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Scott April 1, 2022 at 8:57 am

Pretty sure he was also recently added to Legends of Runetara as well. So that tracks.


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