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Wild Rift Nautilus Potentially Leaked

Wild Rift Nautilus

Wild Rift is an ever evolving game, adapting and changing its play environment. One of the tried and true methods of moving the game forward is through champion releases. These create excitement in the community. But it’s been a couple of weeks since any official news regarding champions. In a recent post by ChowZ, he stated that Wild Rift Nautilus, Ekko, and Pyke should be coming. Check the link below for direct details. Analysis will be provided here as well.

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Keep in mind, these are data mines and leaks. Therefore, nothing is quite confirmed. The evidence pointing towards these Wild Rift Nautilus, alongside other champions, stands rather strong. Ekko’s abilities were seen in the previous data mines, alongside Naulitus skins discovered as well. Pyke, on the other hand, had his theme music alongside map shown through multiple Wild Rift event promos.

According to Chowz, the Veigar release during Caitlyn and Jayce’s debut actively dodged data mines, replacing Ekko. This honestly makes a lot of sense, since Ekko correlates far more with the other two champions. They all played large parts in the Arcane television show, which the all Riot online games celebrated. But if closely observing the data mine and evidence provided, there’s actually no proof that these champions are coming in 3.2.

The statement that they’re coming in 3.2 is honestly an educated guess, since Wild Rift developers like to start off their big patch installments with new champion releases. Outside of that, there doesn’t seem to be much indicating the timing of the mentioned champions. Therefore, take the information with a grain of salt.

In Conclusion

These three champions would honestly make excellent additions to Wild Rift. The game’s champion releases definitely slowed down in the year of 2022, but hopefully that’ll all change in Patch 3.2. Once again, though reiterated multiple times, this news is in no way an official reveal or announcement. These are data mines from a reputable data miner.

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