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Wild Rift Morgana Potentially Announced

Wild Rift Morgana

In Wild Rift’s official Twitter account, they revealed an image presenting a winged statue. The reveal practically guarantees the release of Kayle, since the caption hinted towards divine characteristics. And with the addition of Kayle, this begs the question of who else will be released. Wild Rift Morgana stands as the most logical choice. As Kayle’s fraternal twin, Morgana’s entry into Wild Rift would remain consistent with Wild Rift’s entry patterns.

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Wild Rift’s champion entries come in groups. Caitlyn debuted right alongside Jayce, both connected heavily by their lore in Arcane. And Lucian’s release was accompanied by his spouse, Senna. There were many others along the same pattern. Kayle’s release will very likely parallel the trend,  followed with Morgana. Wild Rift’s events also feature the released champions. Therefore, a dark versus light event to highlight Morgana and Kayle seems very feasible. The theme stands as a easy center plot to create visuals and in game missions, while promoting the newly released champions.

Morgana Context

The dark fraternal twin, Morgana, usually plays a support or mid lane champion. As a castor mage with a skill shot snare, similar to Lux, Morgana would be an excellent addition to Wild Rift. Wild Rift Morgana would perform wonders as a support, comboing with the most recent ADC, Caitlyn, phenomenally. Especially with Rod of Ages and Stasis Enchant so readily available, Morgana will likely be incredibly strong.

In Conclusion

With no champions and updates having been released in the past month, Wild Rift is long overdue for some changes. The entry of Wild Rift Morgana and Wild Rift Kayle spells great news for Wild Rift. Increasing play variety, while evolving the meta, the two fraternal twins are very much welcome. Of course, none of this information is guaranteed yet. But considering all the evidence pointed in the direction, it’s rather safe to expect Kayle and Morgana’s debut on Wild Rift.

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