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Wild Rift

Wild Rift: Kha’Zix Abilities Overview

Sneaking onto the rift and ganking every solo lane is Kha’Zix. Kha’Zix was first released in League of Legends on September 27, 2012, but 9 years later Kha’Zix returns for the NA Wild Rift release. Being one of the top junglers in the PC release, he is sure to take storm in all elos of Wild Rift. Where most champions only have 1 or 2 passives, Kha’Zix has 3 of them.

Abilities and Passives

Unseen Threat is Kha’Zix’s passive ability that reactivates every time he goes invisible. This passive scales to almost half of Kha’Zix’s AD while dealing magic damage, and slowing the enemy by 25%.

Isolation is Kha’Zix 1st ability’s passive Taste Their Fear, allowing him to burst down any solo laner. Whenever an enemy monster or champion is alone they take extra isolation damage. On top of that this passive has special interactions with Kha’Zix’s evolved abilities.

Kha’Zix first ability, Taste Their Fear, has Kha’Zix lunge his out claws in an X formation just like the Pokemon move, X-Scissor. Taste Their Fear deals a burst of AD damage that scales over 100% of Kha’Zix AD. This is Kha’Zix primary damage-dealing ability and deals even more damage when combined with his passive. That is not all, at level 5 Kha’Zix unlocks his ultimate ability Void Assault which grants him the option to upgrade Kha’Zix’s 1st ability into Reaper Claws. Reaper Claws are the same as Taste Their Fear except that attack range has been increased and if the target is isolated, the ability has a 45% cooldown reduction.

Every jungler needs sustain and Void Spike is Kha’Zix’s answer. Kha’Zix fires one spike dealing physical damage while healing a set amount of HP that scales to ability power. Kha’Zix should never be built with ability power items making the AP scaling mute. Void Spike can be upgraded through Kha’Zix ultimate and turn into the ability Spike Racks. Spike Racks shoot out three spikes in a cone revealing and slowing enemies significantly. Multiple explosions do not deal extra damage to the same target nor provide additional healing to Kha’Zix while isolated the enemy is already slowed.

The best way engage and disengage with Kha’Zix is to use his 3rd ability, Leap. Leap is a simple ability that allows Kha’Zix to jump a short distance while dealing AD damage to everything he lands on. Leap does not grant as much damage even when fully upgraded making it Kha’Zix’s last ability to upgrade. Kha’Zix first ability Taste Their Fear can be used mid Leap to provide damage before landing and getting a head start on the cooldown. Leap is not nearly as useful as Kha’Zix upgraded version Wings. With Wings, Kha’Zix gains increased leap distance and has the cooldown reset after champion takedowns. Most players choose to evolve this ability first to take advantage of the cooldown reset and to chain jumps between enemies to acquire more kills.

The defining characteristics of Kha’Zix are all based on his ultimate, Void Assault. As previously mentioned Void Assault allows Kha’Zix to upgrade his other abilities after he upgrades Void Assault. Evolving has a 2 second cast time and can not be swapped for another evolution mid-match. This is Void Assault’s passive ability, but he also has an active ability that allows him to become invisible. Void Assaults active has Kha’Zix turn invisible for around a second gaining bonus movement speed while stealthed. Kha’Zix is then, for the next couple seconds, allowed to recast the ultimate making him go invisible once again. Furthermore, if this ability is evolved into Adaptive Cloaking, Kha’Zix is able to cast this ability for a 3rd time and the invisibility lasts longer.


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