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Wild Rift

Wild Rift Kayle Build and Guide

Wild Rift Kayle Build

Wild Rift released Kayle recently in Patch 2.6. The winged champion excels in the baron lane, scaling into a hyper late game carry. With power spikes upon leveling up her ultimate, Kayle utilizes her unique auto attacks to shred through the enemy. Although a bit of a slow starter, Kayle pops off if she manages to survive the laning phase. To help players navigate the champion, here is a Wild Rift Kayle build and guide.

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The information was provided by Kerxx and Vindey of Rift guides. Special thanks to for their help.

Click the link below for a video version of the guide. 

Item Build

Wild Rift Kayle Build

Nashor’s Tooth is easily one of the greatest items on Kayle. As an auto attack reliant champion, alongside relying on AP scaling, Nashor’s Tooth synergizes wonderfully with Kayla’s kit. Wild Rift Kayle also loves to take Rabadon’s Deathcap. The item’s overall utility and total Ability Power put in work during the mid to late game, granting Kayle the umph necessary to destroy her enemies.

In regards to boots, players may wonder which stat to prioritize. Since Kayle can become invulnerable for a little while thanks to her ultimate, Gluttonous Boots increase survivability. By building some omnivamp, Kayle regenerates health during her invulnerability to continue the fight. Comboing with her heal, alongside high damage numbers, Gluttonous Boots allow Kayle to improve her damage scaling alongside sustainability. And of course, players cannot go wrong taking Stasis Enchant for even more utility.

On Kayle’s initial release, her synergy with Ruunan’s Hurricane was absolute busted. Of course, this item on Kayle was hotfixed immediately after, therefore may not be as strong on the champion anymore. Only time will truly tell. Take Void Staff and Lich Bane thereafter to further boost Kayle’s magic damage, which increases her auto attacks thanks to Nashar’s Tooth.

Recommended Runes

Wild Rift Kayle Build

The runes for Kayle are pretty standard. Take Conqueror to become a late game fighting monster, or replace it with Fleet Footwork for sustain in lane. For the Domination Secondary Runes, they are primarily situational to individual play style, which each one working wonders on her. The Resolve Tree, the second and last option synergize to help her survivability, while Bone Plating helps counter burst reliant champions. Inspiration Tree, take gold increasing items to scale faster into the late game.

In Conclusion

Hopefully this Wild Rift Kayle Build provided the necessary information for players to utilize the pick. Of course, treat this build as a flexible guide, rather than rules that are set in stone. Each individual player has a specific play style. The information presented in this Wild Rift Kayle Build is meant to provide a base understanding for players.

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