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Wild Rift Karma Build

The new castor in Wild Rift deals frightening area of effect damage, while providing fantastic utility for team fights. To help players understand and play champion, here is a Wild Rift Karma build. Karma, the enlightened one, prefers either support or mid lane. And to help players understand how to play Karma in Wild Rift, here is a build.

The information was provided by Kerxx and Vindey of RiftGuides. The previews of gameplay are from ChowZ. Special thanks for their help.

Be sure to check out their channel by clicking the link below for a video version of the guide. 

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In regards to runes, Summoner Aery provides great utility. The keystone rune grants both damage and shielding, which round out her kit wonderfully. Especially with poke oriented champions, like Karma, Summoner Aery deals the little bit of extra damage that may realistically be the difference between the enemy getting away or dying.

The alternative rune would be electrocute. This rune performs much better for those looking to deal burst damage, rather than the versatile utility. For mid or simply burst damage support types, electrocute may serve better. For the rest of the secondary runes, they are honestly pretty self explanatory. And as they’re not nearly as important as keystone rune selections, adjust and adapt as deemed fit for the appropriate match ups.


For the first item, the graphic shows staff of flowing water on top. But don’t misunderstand, that doesn’t meant to build it first. Build, without a doubt, Luden’s echo as the first primary item. Though not a “conventional” support item, Luden’s Echo grants absurd burst damage potential for AP reliant support champions. And since Karma relies heavily on such a playstyle, make sure to rush Ludens.

Then, if mana problems keep reoccurring, which it likely will, build an Archangel’s Staff. The scaling and mana growth allows Karma to do more of what she wants to do. Fill out the rest of the built with either supportive items or full AP. For boots, obviously go CDR. The more often Karma accesses her abilities, the better.

In Conclusion

Hopefully this Wild Rift build helped players understand the Karma pick. Granted, the champion as of writing this hasn’t come out yet, therefore some information may change once Karma officially releases. Whatever the case, the build for the most part should be very useful. After all, challenger RiftGuides analyst Kerxx provided and theory crafted the information himself. For more stuff Wild Rift, be sure to stay connected at The Game Haus alongside RiftGuides. And for leaks and datamines, be sure to check out ChowZ on twitter.

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