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Wild Rift

Wild Rift: Jungle and Honey Fruit Timers

Unlike League of Legends on the PC, Wild Rift jungle timers do not display in-game. To help those new to the game and those who simply do not have much experience with jungle, here are all jungle timers and respawn times for Wild Rift.

Jungle Buffs

The red and blue buffs on all sides of the map spawn at the same time, 0:20.

The buffs last for two minutes and respawn two minutes and thirty seconds after they are taken down. Be sure to utilize the timers to efficiently time jungle clears.

Red Buff: Brambleback

Blue Buff: Blue Sentinal

Red buff provides slowing effects on attacks and true damage. Blue buff gives mana/energy regeneration and health regeneration.

Unlike League of Legends’ buffs, red buff gives no health regeneration and blue buff gives no cooldown reduction.

Both red and blue buff camps are worth 140 gold per kill, which raises to 215 gold at 8:00, which then raises to 220 at 10:00.

Jungle Camps

The other jungle camps provide junglers a steady source of exp and gold. All small camps spawn at around 0:22, a couple of seconds after buffs spawn. These camps respawn a minute and thirty seconds after being slain.

Riot made the time buffer between normal camps and buffs to encourage junglers to clear buffs first.

Murk Wolves

As a single target, Gromp stands as the strongest normal jungle monster. Gromp gives 140 gold.

Krugs split into two after killing them, each two being significantly weaker than the other. The biggest is worth 80 gold, and the second biggest is worth 20 gold.  The smallest is worth 10 gold. The total gold from killing the entire camp is 190 gold.

The wolves spawn in threes, with the two smaller ones being weaker. The big wolf gives 100 gold, the smaller providing 20 gold. 140 gold in total.

Raptors are similar to Wolves, but there are four units with the biggest being the strongest.

These camps do not provide any buffs and respawn a minute and thirty seconds after they are cleared.

Scuttle Crab

Scuttle crab provides the most utility out of all jungle camps, besides epic monsters. The crab spawns at 1:25 and provides vision for a minute and thirty seconds. Scuttle respawns two minutes after being slain.

Scuttle crab spawns on both sides of the map and at the same time initially. The individual respawn times depend on when the monster is slain. Scuttle is worth 120 gold.

Passing by the circle after scuttle crab falls boost the champion’s movement speed. Be sure to kill these little critters to give the team vision and map control.

Epic Monsters

Epic monsters change the course of the game. Dragon, Baron, and Rift Herald each provide a unique advantage, making for very contested objectives.


Baron stands as the most overpowered epic monster, providing an overwhelming buff. The epic monster spawns at 10:00 and respawns three minutes after being slain. As the monster is quite strong, be sure to fight Baron with teammates.

The buff allows the entire team (those who are alive during slay time) faster recalls alongside empowered minions for two minutes. Buffed champions must be near minions for the minion empowerment to take place.

What makes Baron overpowered is the map pressure it provides. Empowered minions make it a breeze to push down turrets and take control of the map. The damage from these minions is no joke, aiding in team fights.

To add on, Baron respawns only one minute after the buff wears off, unless the champion with the buff is slain. This makes for a very small window of opportunity for the opposing team to make a comeback.

Baron is worth 200 gold but gives the gold to each member of the team. In essence, 1000 team gold.


Dragon initially spawns at 4:00 and respawns four minutes after being slain. Wild Rift has four basic dragons: Mountain, Infernal, Ocean, and Cloud.

Dragon is worth 100 gold per kill, but unlike Baron Dragon provides individual kill gold.

Mountain provides a shield, infernal provides damage, ocean provides physical and magical vamp, and cloud provides movement speed. These last the entire game, and stack.

Once four dragons are slain across the board, Elder Dragons spawn. Elder Dragon is more difficult to kill and gives a stronger buff than the normal dragon. This dragon is, once again, a random element. Elder Dragon only spawns once, so be sure to contest it.

Rift Herald

Spawning at 6:00, Rift Herald is the only epic monster players can slay once. Unlike League of Legends, Wild Rift’s Rift Herald only spawns one time. At 10:00, Baron takes Rift Herald’s place, regardless of whether it has been slain or not.

Rift Herald gives the champion who killed it faster recall and an active ability that takes the trinket’s place. Using it spawns the Rift Herald, which walks up to then dives into the enemy structures dealing damage.

Rift Herald gives the slayer 300 gold.

Honey Fruit

Honey Fruits are not technically jungle camps and are not even always in the jungle. But noting the timers for them is important and can provide lots of utility through games.

There are two sets of honey fruit, those that spawn in the lane and those that spawn in the river.

Lane Fruit

The lane fruits spawn at 0:45 and respawn two minutes after popping them.

River Fruit

Fruit in the river, on the other hand, spawn at 3:00. The respawn time is the same, two minutes. Honey Fruits exist in both rivers.

Given that the honey fruit in the river has a supply of water from the river, it is surprising that they spawn later than the ones in lane (yes that is a joke).

For laners, knowing honey fruit timers proves essential to sustaining to outplay the enemy team. Knowing when the enemy’s honey fruit spawns opens an opportunity for denying.

Vision Plant

The vision plant, also known as Scryer’s Bloom, spawns at 0:25 on all sides of the map and respawns in two minutes. Hitting the plant grants vision in the respective direction. Utilize the plant to spot enemy wards and roaming champions.

Scryer’s Bloom


Blast Cone

Last but not least, the Blast Cone. Blast Cone’s respawn time is absurdly long. The plant spawns initially at 0:20 and takes four minutes and twenty seconds to spawn. In other words, 4:20 to get blasted again. Riot must have done this intentionally…

There are multiple throughout the map. Hitting the plant shoots champions standing within the radius of the plant in different directions. 

In Conclusion

Knowing jungle timers for the game gives a one up for strategizing. Timers determine positioning. Rotating for an objective a second or two faster than the enemy team can make the biggest difference in a close team fight.

Be sure to commit these timers to memory, as Wild Rift does not provide the same convenient timers as League of Legends PC does.





Special thanks to Ryuh for helping record jungle timers alongside being a great player and analyst to discuss the Wild Rift with. 

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