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Wild Rift

Wild Rift Jayce Brighthammer Preview

Wild Rift Jayce Brighthammer

With their release in patch 2.5a, Wild Rift Jayce Brighthammer and Caitlyn received skins to celebrate their launch. Both skins, Headhunter Caitlyn and Jayce Brighthammer, are many years old on their PC iterations. Although nothing terribly fancy, the new skins are iconic in their own style.

Jayce’s skin drops simultaneously with the bruisers debut. In other words, on  November 9 @ 00:01 UTC. A large chunk of Jayce Brighthammer’s overall aesthetic differs drastically from his default skin. Showing off bright, luminescent lights, Jayce Brighthammer looks almost divine. Many of his moves look primarily the same as the default versions, albeit with different color lights alongside very minor changes.

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Here is a gameplay preview for Jayce’s skin. Since no footage exists yet of Wild Rift’s iteration, this video link directs players to League of Legends’ original Jayce Brighthammer.

The skin does not reanimate all of Jayce’s moves. Therefore, do not expect the price range to be too expensive on this particular skin. Seeing as how Wild Rift only ports the skins, rather than creating brand new animations, expect Jayce Brighthammer on Wild Rift to mirror League of Legend’s.

In Conclusion

Arcane debuts rather soon. Without a doubt, Caitlyn and Jayce’s entrance into Wild Rift are related to the new netflix series. These skins definitely are not related, but who knows. Perhaps there will be Arcane inspired skins releasing in the future, similar to League of Legends. Keep a look out for the official release of Arcane. Chances are, there will be Arcane related events dropping nearing debut.

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