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Wild Rift

Wild Rift: Free Random Skins and Event Overview

Get free skins for a limited time

Right now three events are currently on the NA server. The first is Wild Welcome, which is a NA exclusive event that has been made specifically to help NA players catch up to the rest of the world. Next is Wild Rift Academy which is filled with easy missions to help gain early XP in Wild Rift. This event grants exceptional rewards for those who return to the daily missions. But the third most important event is the Rift to Rift Rewards event, which is a limited-time event rewarding a random free skin.

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Wild Welcome

Wild Welcome end in May

NA players received Wild Rift very late. So to help new players experience the game at a faster rate Riot has given NA the Wild Welcome event. By level 10 players can earn 7 champions or more. There are over 100 champions that will be transferred from League of Legends to Wild Rift. Events to get champions should become more and more popular.

Wild Rift Academy

Wild Rift Academy never expires

Wild Rift Academy is filled with three daily missions that give out two different types of rewards. For each individual mission, the player gains 120 XP and 35 Blue Motes. After completing the three missions the player is given a daily reward based on the day. The reward quality increases as time goes on. On Day one the player receives blue motes and a thumbs up emote. On day two the player earns XP boosts and 200 more blue motes. Rewards for day three are a champion selection chest and 200 more blue motes. The penultimate Day four gives the player a wild rift academy pose, 200 poro coins, and 200 blue motes. Finally, on day five the player is granted a choice of one of five skins.

Skin choices = Rogue Admiral Garen, Spellthief Lux, Marauder Ashe, Worldbreaker Nasus, Boom Boom Blitzcrank

The three events grant every new player tons of XP that helps grind to glorious level 10. At level 10 players are allowed to play ranked and are given enough champion selection chests for a main champion in each lane.

Steps to getting skin in Rift to Rift Rewards

Rift to Rift Reward ends May 31

  • Play 5 games
  • Click on events and collect reward between every game
  • Win or Losing is irrelevant
  • Event Ends May 31s

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