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Wild Rift

Wild Rift: Free Arcane Jinx and Arcane Vi Preview

wild rift arcane skins

To accompany the television show, Wild Rift is giving players free Arcane skins. Simply log into the game during the event times to acquire Wild Rift Arcane Jinx and Vi. Though the champion skins are rather simple, they reflect the television show’s iterations of the characters perfectly. As free skins, do not expect anything too flashy.

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Arcane Jinx

wild rift arcane skins

Courtesy of Canserole Youtube

Many players may not be able to note the difference between Arcane Jinx and her default skin. Truth be told, the differences are very minor. Her top is a different color, Jinx’s guns look a little different, and the leather tracing around her arms and legs are definitely a different design. Though no gameplay footage for Wild Rift’s iteration of Arcane Jinx has been revealed, League of Legends’ version of the skin teased recently.

A close look at the video shows that Jinx’s particles upon attacks have definitely been altered. Jinx’s second ability contact on target explodes in a slightly different color, and Jinx’s Chompsters sport a slightly different design. Wild Rift’s iterations, though pure speculation, will likely mirror that of League PC’s.

Arcane Vi

wild rift arcane skins
Courtesy of Canserole Youtube

Arcane Vi wears a red dress shirt instead of her full battle outfit. In addition, Vi’s gauntlets differ from the default skin’s. Once again, this skin is not the fanciest. Her intro animation in Canserole’s video is the exact same, as is Jinx’s. The main focus around this skin line is to accurately portray them from Arcane. And Wild Rift’s Arcane Vi did exactly that. There is no official Wild Rift skin gameplay, but check out the League of Legend version’s for a preview.

With altered particle effects, though subtle, Arcane Vi looks really cool. Rather than creating a ground breaking flashy skin, Riot ported the soon to be television stars wonderfully into their games. Especially for fans of the television series, the skin serves as the perfect cosmetic to celebrate Arcane. Since most skins port over to Wild Rift practically identical to League PC, it’s very reasonable to expect Arcane Vi and Arcane Jinx to do the same.


As an animated television show, Riot Game’s Arcane releases on Netflix on November 6. Boasting amazing production, the show revolves around the regions of Piltover and Zaun. Two regions, although adjacent to one another, are deeply segregated. Piltover utilizes all the resources from both regions to advance its technology, while Zaun faces the unfair repercussions of a divided class.

The two main characters, Jinx and Vi, are sisters living in the wastelands of Zaun. Arcane’s story follows the two as they face the harsh realities of the world. One sister grows insane while the other expresses her emotional turbulence through violence and anger. Both a result of their environment, Jinx and Vi portray a torn sisterhood attempting to correct the world in their own ways.

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