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Wild Rift: Diana Build and Runes

Diana, Scorn of the Moon, has been released on Wild Rift. First released on August 7th, 2012, she returns again after 9 years. She is a burst mage assassin that can help any team fight. Her ultimate pulls in the enemy for excellent crowd control and the rest of her abilities provide fantastic damage. Now here is a look at a Diana Build for Wild Rift.

Diana’s Wild Rift Abilities


One, two, three Diana gains a burst of attack speed. Moonsilver Blade is Diana’s passive ability, which provides every third strike a small burst of attack speed. Not only does she gain attack speed, but this ability also stacks with itself twice. At two stacks, Diana’s next empowered on hit attack will scale with magic damage to deal damage and clear minion waves.

The ability that smiles back, Crescent Strike is Diana’s first ability. This is Diana’s poke and engage, making every throw essential to her kit. Crescent Strike deals a burst of magic damage and afflicts Moonlight on the target. While targets are afflicted by Moonlight, Diana can use her third ability, Lunar Rush, to dash into them. Most of the time it is better to use Crescent Moon with Lunar Rush instead since using Lunar Rush alone increases its cooldown exceptionally.

Diana’s second ability, Pale Cascade, reveals three orbs that deal damage to the enemy when touched. The skill also grants Diana a shield. This ability scales with ability power and health points. Use this before rushing into the enemy with Lunar Rush. The shield stops Diana from being one-shot by an enemies’ initial burst damage.

Diana’s dashing diligence, Lunar Rush, is her third ability. Diana dashes towards any target enemy excluding turrets to immediately gap close and deal damage. Slashing two minions before using Lunar Rush gives Diana her passive allowing for a devastating burst of damage when she dashes in. This damage is only amplified while using her ultimate ability. assassin

Moonfall is a channeling AOE ultimate that increases in range the longer the ability is charged. The ultimate does massive ability power damage while pulling all enemies closer to Diana. While the enemies are in the vicinity of her Pale Cascade, her passive stacks are guaranteed to land of how close the enemies are to her. Moonfall is a team fight dream because it pulls all the enemies into one spot allowing for her allies to unleash their most powerful abilities.

Diana Build: Runes and Items

-Electrocute(3 damaging ability or attack does a huge burst of damage)

-Brutal(AP +)

-Spirit Walker(Gain 50 max HP and 20% slow resistance)

-Sweet Tooth(increase fruit healing by 25%)

-Morellonomicon(Grievous wounds + magic pen)

-Infinity orb(+60 AP / + 15 magic pen)

-Stasis(untargetable 2.5seconds)

-Liandry’s Torment(damage over time)

-Rabadon’s Deathcap(AP +++)

-Void Staff(magic pen)


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