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Wild Rift Cottontail Blitzcrank and Cotton Tail Ziggs Arriving Soon

Wild Rift Cottontail

The developer preview for 2022 introduced the Wild Rift Cottontail skin line. Looking absolutely adorable, these skins celebrate the Easter Festivities. Cottontail Blitzcrank and Cottontail Ziggs are brand new additions to the franchise. Cottontail Fizz, on the other hand, is a port of a preexisting League PC skin. Keep in mind, no set release date or information officially released. Likely, they’ll join Wild Rift in Patch 3.0, but nothing is confirmed or official.

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Here is a quick preview of the skins:


Wild Rift Cottontail

Cottontail Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank wears a very cute bunny suit. Though it doesn’t necessarily fit his robot figure, the Rolling Golem still looks absolutely adorable. There’s something almost menacing about how big and white Cottontail Blitzcrank is. Hopefully, Riot Games will show more details about the in game animations alongside model. Only the Wild Rift introduction animation teased for now. The same goes for the other skins as well.

Wild Rift Cottontail
Cottontail Ziggs

Ziggs jumps into the skies with an explosion. The skin has some major crazy vibes coming off of Ziggs. Well, very fitting considering Ziggs is a mad scientist. Similar to Blitzcrank, there’s something almost frightening about the way these two champions look in their cute little bunny suits. Of course, it doesn’t help that Ziggs literally throws explosives while consistently flaunting a mischievous smile.

Cottontail Fizz

To be frank, there’s nothing much to really say about this skin. Even for the intro animation, while Ziggs and Blitzcrank perform some flashy endeavors, Cottontail Fizz just kinda stands there. With his buck teeth sticking out, and staff in hand, Fizz looks adorable. But the skin lacks the menacing appeal that the other two have, at least from the preview.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the skins will likely release in Patch 3.0. Cottontail Ziggs and Cottontail Blitzcrank are unique to Wild Rift, displaying some interesting introduction animations. Meanwhile, Fizz simply ported from League PC. That wasn’t a lot of information, but it’s literally all that’s available. For more updates, be sure to stay connected for everything Wild Rift.

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