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Wild Rift

Wild Rift Caitlyn Preview: Abilities and Guide

Wild Rift Caitlyn

Riot recently announced that Caitlyn is coming to Wild Rift. Wild Rift Caitlyn should mirror that of League of Legend’s. As a marksman ADC, Caitlyn provides great damage through auto attacks alongside utility through trap placements. Here is an abilities overview for the new champion, alongside some general tips to help maximize the champion pick.

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Passive – HeadshotCaitlyn Headshot

Innate: Caitlyn Headshots target she has trapped or netted. Additionally, she gains a free headshot every 6 basic attacks; attacks while in brush count as 2.


  • Deal bonus damage to non-champions
  • Have double range against trapped or netted targets

This move provides Caitlyn her standard DPS. Procing on enemies snared by her trap, alongside those hit y her net, Headshot should be treated similarly to Jhin’s fourth auto attack. In essence, it deals massive damage and rounds out Caitlyn’s damage.

First Ability – Piltover PeacemakerCaitlyn Piltover Peacemaker

Active: Revs the rifle for 1 second to fire a narrow piercing shot dealing physical damage. After hitting any target, it opens into a wider shot that deals 33% less damage.

Always deals full damage to trap revealed targets.

This skill shot distinguishes the pro Caitlyns from the amateurs. Understanding player movement and the effective range is essential for Caitlyn’s burst damage potential.

Second Ability – Yordle Snap TrapCaitlyn Yordle Snap Trap

Active: Sets traps that an enemy Champion can spring, immobilizing them for 2 seconds and revealing them for a short duration.

Several traps may be active at once.

Trapped enemies take increased damage from Headshot.

Yordle Snap Trap allows Caitlyn to extend the duration of crowd control. Simply place one right under the locked down enemy to keep them still for even longer. In addition, since multiple traps can be placed simultaneously, place the traps strategically to zone key sections of the map.

Third Ability – 90 Caliber NetCaitlyn 90 Caliber Net

Active: Fires a net, knocking Caitlyn backwards. The net deals magic damage and slows the first enemy hit by 50% for 1 second.

This is Caitlyn’s only escape, but can also be used as a combo extender. Since the ability knocks Caitlyn backwards, 90 Caliber Net allows Caitlyn to jump walls alongside create distance between her and her enemies.

Ultimate Ability – Ace in a Hole

Active: Takes a second to line up the perfect shot on an enemy Champion at long range. The shot deals physical damage, but other enemy Champions can intercept it.

Ace in a hole is Caitlyn’s signature sniping tool. Since enemy champions can intercept the bullet, angle the shot to weave through confused enemies. The best way to utilize the move is to target an isolated champion.

Tips and Tricks

Early Game

Caitlyn is an early game bully. Her attack range allows her to poke the lane opponent from absurd range from early on. Abuse her attack range as much as possible during the early game to extend a lead, and take over the game. Caitlyn’s first ability can be used to push the wave while simultaneously poking down the enemy.

If the enemy stands still to use an ability, like Jhin’s second ability, abuse the momentary stall and hit them with Piltover Peacemaker. In addition, Utilize Brushes for Caitlyn’s passive. Headshot stacks double the amount of auto attacks if Caitlyn is in a bush, so do not be afraid to camp a bush. It is actually highly encouraged for the Sheriff of Piltover. 

Mid Game

During the mid game, rotate around to farm turret platings. Be with the team to siege, and force enemies to give up towers. Caitlyn is not the best 1v1 marksmen, and requires teammates to play optimally. Force the enemy into certain movements by skillfully placing her traps. These snare when walked on, so the enemy will likely walk around them. This allows Caitlyn to navigate the enemies almost like sheep.

Late Game

For the late game, Caitlyn is practically a mobile turret that loves to siege the enemy team. With crit and a decent amount of attack speed, Caitlyn’s headshots provide fantastic damage and allow her to shred through the enemy. Her traps make it difficult to play, and borderline impossible to reach her without the surprise effect.


There are three main focuses when playing Caitlyn.

  1. Can Caitlyn kill the enemy before the enemy kills her?
  2. Can the enemy realistically escape?
  3. Which target is a priority?

Keep these focuses in mind at all times. This seems simple in theory, but practicing and utilizing this trail of thought effectively proves harder than expected.

How to Pilot an ADC

Every adc needs a lot of gold to carry. This makes Caitlyn, alongside other marksmen, very dependent on minimizing deaths, while maximizing gold. In essence, make sure to watch the minion waves and get that farm, while not going for high risk plays. By pushing game knowledge and mechanical skill to the limit, players can increase their win rates effectively on Caitlyn.

Good Items

Infinity Edge 

Ruunans Hurricane 

Blood Thirster

Mortal Reminder


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