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Wild Rift Broken Champions to NEVER Leave Open

wild rift broken champions

At the current state of the meta, there’s a handful of picks that players should definitely abuse. Especially in the higher rank, these champions should NEVER be left open. It’s just never a good time if facing them, so either ban these picks to avoid the grief, or insta-lock them as soon as possible. Whatever the case, this article will go over the Wild Rift Broken champions and discuss exactly how and why they’re so strong at the moment.

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The information was provided by Kerxx and Vindey of RiftGuides. Special thanks for their help.

Be sure to check out their channel by clicking the link below for a video version of the guide. 


The first of the Wild Rift Broken Champions is probably one of the hardest to execute. But at the same time one of the most rewarding when mastered, Irelia. As a champion she’s scary thanks to the possible item choices. But don’t get fooled. Trinity force is not a really good item for her – it offers too little for its price tag and other items are just better. When facing a lot of AP rush Blade of the Ruined King into a Wits End and then build a Death’s Dance – otherwise just go BOTRK into Death’s Dance.

This combination of items makes this champion unkillable. The other issue with this champion is the way it deals damage. Think of it as a melee marksman in terms of DPS. If that wasn’t enough she’s also as or more mobile than a Fiora. But that also heavily depends on the Irelia’s skill.

Another thing most players don’t know or take into consideration is the fact that Irelia’s second ability CANNOT be cancelled by any enemy ability. It keeps channeling even when Irelia gets stunned. But why is that so important?

This ability offers massive damage reduction while channeling. Therefore, use the skill when foreseeing a lot of burst & CC incoming. Make sure to press & hold it.

With that and the items in combination, Irelia becomes tankier than champions that itemized only tank items – it’s crazy. So it’s pretty lucky that not a lot of players can play Irelia. 


Next up is Zed. This pick is probably the bane of every mid and dragon laner as nobody wants to really play against him. His laning phase is not that convincing – at least level 1 & 2. However on level 3 he can really start being obnoxious thanks to his high burst damage. Here’s also a secret that a lot of Zed players don’t know about.

Why would Zed ever start with his first ability into a melee matchup he can WIN? Why not just skill your third ability and abuse its power. Especially upon reaching level 2, he might be able to cheese a sneaky kill by placing his shadow in a smart manner. Don’t forget that in this game Zed’s third ability deals bonus damage if he hits with his normal version and the mimicked version that’s cast by his shadow. 

Doing so and having the shadow placed well can get you a quick kill if the enemy makes a mistake. Nonetheless the main power of Zed stems from his first item and ultimate ability. Thanks to auto-casting being a thing, Zed can just mash hit buttons on level 5 and he’s most likely going to kill anything that isn’t too tanky. Especially with Serylda it gets borderline impossible to miss spells. However that item isn’t the reason why Zed is such a problematic pick.

Thanks to the power of Youmuu’s Ghostblade this champion is able to travel around the map way too fast. This is certainly one of the factors why the dragon lane always ints against that champion. They probably die to any champion that leaves mid lane but that’s not the point here.

Once the Zed starts to snowball it’s going to look really dire.  Even tanky targets don’t stand a chance any more. Black Cleaver and Serylda’s Grudge will make sure of that. Not only that but it’s also about how his death mark as a spell works. After 3 seconds the mark triggers, repeating a portion of all the damage Zed dealt to the target while they were marked. That’s some nice damage. 


The following champion is also someone players DON’T want to leave open – ever – at least in the higher elo. People who’ve mastered this champion are like the old katarina players but 10 times worse.  This champion has an actual overpowered laning phase.

Taking away a bit of his AD early game surely helped a tiny bit, but didn’t fix the issue. If anything it kinda pushes Akshan to take Brutal over Vampirism. This hurts him a bit during the laning phase. Other than that he’s more than fine. But here’s the real deal on how to STOMP everyone with Akshan.

When choosing which skill to upgrade, put 1 point into Akshan’s first ability on level 1. Afterwards put the points into his third ability on level 2 & 3. Curious as to why this upgrade path? Take a look at the abilities base damage and think about what to do with that.

Getting a full swing onto a champion almost INSTANTLY kills the champion. Go give it a try – it’s nuts and please rush Blade of the ruined king – thank me later. The bonus on hit damage Akshan gains thanks to his passive as well as his third abilities on-hit conversion are surely something to consider.

Also be aware of blade’s fine print. Regardless of how much HP the target has, blade’s on hit damage will always deal a minimum of 15 damage. In addition to that stealing some of the enemy’s movement speed can easily set up a free kill the moment anyone slightly mispositions.


Also recently nerfed is the following champion, Fiora. However this nerf doesn’t take into account that this champion’s skill floor is very low but the ceiling is very high. Therefore, Fiora is still one of the Wild Rift broken champions.

What does that mean? Being able to play Fiora at a decent level at which she almost always able to win lane is not that hard. Her toxic way of trading enables her to spam lunge into her opponents face without them being able to do anything about it.

A few champions can take care of her though. Graves and Jayce stomp her like crazy, but only if they know how to do it. Otherwise they’ll be just another victim to the Fiora.

Any Baron laner can agree though that it’s never fun to play against a Fiora. Unless they know the ins & outs of that champion AND have a good champion against her, many just get bullied.

Once that happens though they’re about to see the true face of most Fiora players. They don’t know what is right or wrong. But they’re so used to beating everyone that they truly believe that they’re better than the enemy. In reality though it’s just the champion being overtuned and not the skill of the player that lets them win. 

Lee Sin

For the jungle fans or haters here is the usual criminal. It’s time to speak about Lee sin again. Maybe, just maybe, this champion will get the nerf he deserves.

But who knows? Maybe he’s going to struggle a bit more while clearing his jungle so Riot gotta step in and buff him again. Jokes aside, please don’t buff this champion & please don’t encourage people to play this champion, at least until passive experience is removed.

The amount of Lee sin players sitting in a brush to just annoy people is too high. And it’s too forgiving to just chain gank in the jungle role with that specific champion.

If possible there would need to be a few changes to the jungle role in the near future that put a bit more emphasis on clearing efficiency. There were some cool little mechanics earlier before.


For example, Rengar and Kha’zix. Before their nerf, most players just did 3 camps and minded their own business at scuttle. The hidden strat was to do a four camp clear without killing the blue buff. Turns out being level 4 and at the scuttle on spawn is a bit better than just being level 3 while trying to flip some ganks.

Back to Lee sin though – this champion forces the enemy team to respect him – if they don’t they’re in for a lot of trouble. His mobility is insane as he can just dash around as he pleases – no ward needed to safeguard to

And the real problem just starts once any laner gives that Lee sin a kill, becase kills offer a really interesting amount of experience. 


Last but not least we have another known criminal. Jayce is still overtuned, needs to be picked or banned as fast as possible. The issue with this champion is his early power that translates a bit TOO well into the mid & late game. Being able to build Manamune as his first item and still crush the lane surely helps in making this champion even better. 

Interesting Fact: His second ability in ranged form increases his attack speed to the maximum.

Those Black cleaver stacks are going to be applied really fast – which means MORE DAMAGE and everyone loves dealing more damage, don’t they? Now all Jayce has to do is slap some more armor pen to the build and they’re going to take care of everything in their way. 

And if that wasn’t enough, here’s another secret. In the later stages of the game Jayce’s passive takes away either 25% armor AND magic resist for 5 seconds or grants him up to 30% attack speed paired with 33 armor and magic resist .

Oh and if that wasn’t enough both of the empowered attacks after transforming into the melee or ranged form ALSO deal bonus on hit damage. Lovely isn’t it? Nerf this champion – please. 

In Conclusion

Keep this list of Wild Rift broken champions in mind for the next ranked grind. Without a doubt, banning or locking in these picks is sure to save players a lot grief. But also, these champions aren’t necessarily the easiest to play. When they’re mastered, the picks are absolutely bonkers. Otherwise, they may fall off a tad bit. Therefore this article assumes players abusing these picks actually know how to play the game and the champs mentioned.

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