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Wild Rift

Wild Rift Bewitching Janna Revealed

Bewitching Janna Wild Rift

The popular enchanter support, Janna, recently received a new skin in Wild Rift. Set to release on October 28, Wild Rift Bewitching Janna looks amazing. The brand new cosmetic will spook players in the mobile MOBA. Boasting a Halloween themed outfit, a pumpkin covered kitty cat, and completely reanimated skills, the skin comes in time for the upcoming holiday. Actually, it’s releasing a bit late all things considered.

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Unsurprisingly, Wild Rift’s developers did a fantastic job translating the skin into Wild Rift. Shown in the video, each of the moves were properly converted. With completely new frame animation for her autos, Janna’s ranged basic attacks fly covered with Autumn leaves. In addition, her first ability tornado creates a haunted whirlwind, knocking all enemies unfortunate enough to come into contact.

Janna’s second ability throws out the bat-like cat at the enemy, leaving a trail of purple behind. With a recolored shield, casting her barrier creates an orange circle around her target. Bats fly out of the barrier as well, adding extra detail to the skin’s aesthetics. Her ultimate still creates a green circle, albeit with extra added ripples alongside bats. Clearly, Riot’s art direction for Wild Rift impresses in their most recent skin. With any skin displaying reanimated abilities, expect Bewitching Janna to price among the higher end of the spectrum.

Expect to see more and more amazing skins from Wild Rift. From the Dragonmancer skin line, Highnoon adaptations, and now Bewitching Janna, Riot continues to impress the community with their great attention to detail.

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