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When will Wild Rift be Available in the United States and Europe?

The Wild Rift beta only came out recently in South Korea and has been out in other countries around the world for the past few months. According to the head of development for Wild Rift, the beta will be coming sooner for Europe than the US. This then brings the question, when will it release officially and will it be in a similar way that they have been doing with the beta?

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For Europe, all indications are that players who make it into the closed beta will be able to download the game on December 10, 2020. This will be important as it is one of the last major regions to not have the game. It will likely be on both IOS and Android upon release which will also be important. As for the US, they may have to wait for a bit.

For the United States it has been confirmed that Wild Rift is coming in March.

This will be important because if they struggle at the beginning then it could ruin things for the full release.

It is worth wondering if the full release of the game will be coming soon after the United States beta release? It is even possible that the full release will coincide with the first time the majority of people get to play it in the United States.

The game is doing pretty well so far and has garnered a pretty solid following for just being in a closed beta. The hope for Riot is that it will be as big or possibly even bigger than their flagship title that it is based on. The reason it could be is with what has been seen with games like Fortnite and PUBG in countries that have more phone gamers than console or PC. It is seen as the future and could be massive for the already impressive gaming company.

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