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When is Wild Rift’s Release Date?

A little over a year ago, Riot Games announced that League of Legends, their flagship game, would be coming to mobile and consoles in the form of Wild Rift. This game is in its essence the same as League of Legends. The champions, items and objectives are nearly identical. Riot’s hope is that this brings League of Legends to a wider audience. Now with the mobile beta out in different parts of the world, many may be wondering, when will it officially be coming out?

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Thus far, the mobile version is the only version that has been seen and is definitely the closest one to coming out. The beta is already out in many of the Asian markets and is coming to Europe very soon as of writing this piece originally. The United States is also slated to see it on their phones by the Spring of 2021.

The official release date will likely either be sometime around this time or soon after. That means that fans who do not get into the beta would be able to expect to play the game sometime in the middle of Q2 or Q3. There is the chance that Riot Games just releases the main game alongside the US release but that feels pretty unlikely. They will probably wait at least a few months to make sure everything is going smoothly.


When it comes to when fans should expect to see Wild Rift on their PS5, Switch or Series X, they may be waiting for a while. There has next to no indication of when this will be coming out. This may be because they know mobile will be the more popular version but that is just speculation.

It feels likely that it wouldn’t be too long after the release of the mobile version. The reason being that they will be running on the same engine. Because of that, the hardest part will be the controls as League of Legends was made to be for the PC only on release. That said, from the way Wild Rift is looking on mobile, consoles may not be too hard to replicate due to the thumbstick doing most of the work. Then it seems most likely that each button on the controllers will represent an ability.

Smite is a similar game so the build for it could be used to help them make Wild Rift. Again all of the information for consoles is purely speculation so take it with a grain of salt.

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