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When is League of Legends Wild Rift Early Access?

Many people have been waiting for League of Legends to port from the PC to mobile and console. With Riot Games announcing League of Legends: Wild Rift, their asks are being answered. This version of League of Legends will be a bit different than the PC version. This is due to the fact that it needs to be adapted without mouse and keyboard. Not only will the controls be different but even the art style is much different than the original version. People are now wondering, when will they be able to get their hands on this game? Well, Riot revealed that it may be coming sooner than most people thought.

Early access is on the way in June 2020. The only problem is that the limited alpha testing will only be available in Brazil and the Philippines to start. While this is all that is known in terms of early access to the alpha, what Riot has said is that they plan on the full game coming out in 2020. This was stated before COVID-19 though which could create some unforeseen issues. The hope is still that Wild Rift will be available to everyone sometime this year.

Luckily during COVID-19, Riot Games still was able to release Legends of Runeterra, their new card game, onto mobile. They also have experience launching Teamfight Tactics during this time as well. While these games were clearly further along, an early alpha means that Riot are feeling like Wild Rift is ready for people to get their hands on. As with their other new games, they like to have the public test things out and report on any bugs or general issues. After early alpha, there is normally about a month or so until they go to beta either opened or closed and really start to iron the game out. With the first alpha test coming in June, it is not unrealistic to feel like Wild Rift could be hitting phones and consoles sometime in the early fall. Either way, Wild Rift is on its way to bring one of the most popular games of all time to millions who couldn’t play it before.

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