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Wild Rift

What is the Wild Rift Pyke Release Date

Wild Rift Pyke Release Date

Every couple of weeks, Wild Rift patches their game. Adding new champions, balance updates, and potentially new items alongside runes, these patch updates determine the evolution of the game. Recently, the developers teased the Wild Rift 3.2, previewing brand spanking new content.  And included in the new content is Wild Rift Ekko. This then begs the question, what is the Wild Rift Pyke release date?

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Release Dates

Wild Rift Pyke release date likely drop on either Patch 3.2a or 3.2b. The same can be said about Nautilus as well. Patch schedules, especially the supplementary smaller ones, then to be a tad irregular in timing. The last 3.1B came out 12 days after 3.1A released. And since 3.2, a rather big patch, is dropping on May 12,  3.2A may come out around two somewhat weeks after, potentially a bit more.

The speculated Wild Rift Nautilus release date, therefore, stands on June 1. This assumes they drop on 3.2A, and not 3.2B. If they end up releasing in 3.2B, then the date will be pushed back to around June 14. Of course, this is purely speculative, based on the analysis of preexisting release dates of the past. So take the information with a grain of salt.

In conclusion

According to the official Wild Rift website, the Wild Rift 3.2 release date stands on May 12 at GMT+8. This upcoming patch will include Wild Rift Ekko, with the next patch including both Pyke and Nautilus. So don’t expect the Wild Rift Pyke release date within the next couple days, but rather the next week to around a month. Whatever the case, even if Pyke and Nautilus might take some time to come out, the changes in Patch 3.2 are sure to keep the player base entertained.

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