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What is the Veigar Wild Rift Release Date?

Veigar Wild Rift Release Date

Wild Rift continues to add more League of Legends champions to the mobile version of the beloved MOBA. Coming up next will be Veigar, “The Tiny Master of Evil”. He is a Yordle and a champion that is mainly played in the mid lane but he can also flex into the dragon lane as a support. This little guy can dish out serious damage considering his size. Now Wild Rift fans may be wondering, what is the Veigar Wild Rift Release Date?

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In the latest Dev Diary from the Wild Rift team, they showed off many different changes coming to the game. This included three new champions coming to the game. These champions were Veigar, Caitlyn and Jayce. From what is seems like, that will be the order in which these champions are added to Wild Rift as well.

They specifically stated that Veigar would be coming to the game with Wild Rift Patch 2.5 which should be in a couple of days. Most likely, this means that Veigar Wild Rift Release Date will be hitting players’ mobile devices sometime between October 12 and October 15. The best guess is that he comes out a little after the official patch drop, releasing on October 15.

Player’s will enjoy what Veigar brings to the table. He is a scaling mage that has an ability that will cause plenty of havoc on the Rift. His “baby cage” as some call it, will trap opponents or stun them if place correctly allowing for a multi-player stun and plenty of damage to be dealt. Do not forget this when he arrives on Wild Rift.

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