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What is the Caitlyn Wild Rift Release Date?

Caitlyn Wild Rift Release Date

Wild Rift continues to add more League of Legends champions to the mobile version of the beloved MOBA. Coming up soon will be Caitlyn, “The Sheriff of Piltover.” She is a marksman with outstanding range, mainly played in the duo lane. With oppressive auto-attack power and high damage numbers, Caitlyn bullies slow scaling marksmen during the early game. Now Wild Rift fans may be wondering, what is the Caitlyn Release Date?

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In the latest Dev Diary from the Wild Rift team, they showed off many different changes coming to the game. This included three new champions coming to the game. These champions were Veigar, Caitlyn and Jayce. From what is seems like, Veigar will show up first, followed by the simultaneous release of Caitlyn and Jayce.

Since Veigar was announced to release in patch 2.5, Caitlyn and Jayce will likely release in a secondary update. In essence, a subversion of patch 2.5, likely 2.5b or 2.5c. Caitlyn will release on a speculated date of November 10 or November 24. Since the update schedule is a little fickle, predicting these dates is defintiely an educated guess than an exact estimate.  The best, and most hopeful, guess is that Wild Rift stays true to patches bi-weekly and that Caitlyn arrives on the earlier patch update rather than later.

Summoners are sure to enjoy Caitlyn’s playstyle. The marksman is an iconic champion design on League PC, very much warranting the hype surrounding the champion’s release. Keep her traps in mind when playing as and against Caitlyn. They are essential to optimizing the pick.

For those looking for Caitlyn’s abilities and tips, click here.

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