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Wild Rift

How Many Champions are in Wild Rift?

how many Champions are in Wild Rift

Wild Rift was a game that launched with a lot of anticipation. League of Legends and its characters are iconic and being able to finally play the game on mobile was something that many fans had been asking for. The question then became, how many champions would they be able to fit to start? Currently, there are 155 champions in League of Legends. Now here is a look at how many Champions are in Wild Rift.

Wild Rift Champion Roster

  1. Ahri
  2. Akali
  3. Alistar
  4. Amumu
  5. Annie
  6. Ashe
  7. Aurelion Sol
  8. Blitzcrank
  9. Braum
  10. Camille
  11. Corki
  12. Darius
  13. Diana
  14. Dr. Mundo
  15. Draven
  16. Evelynn
  17. Ezreal
  18. Fiora
  19. Fizz
  20. Galio
  21. Garen
  22. Gragas
  23. Graves
  24. Janna
  25. Jarvan IV
  26. Jax
  27. Jhin
  28. Jinx
  29. Kai’Sa
  30. Katarina
  31. Kennen
  32. Kha’Zix
  33. Lee Sin
  34. Leona
  35. Lulu
  36. Lux
  37. Malphite
  38. Master Yi
  39. Miss Fortune
  40. Nami
  41. Nasus
  42. Olaf
  43. Orianna
  44. Pantheon
  45. Rakan
  46. Rammus
  47. Rengar
  48. Seraphine
  49. Shyvana
  50. Singed
  51. Sona
  52. Soraka
  53. Teemo
  54. Tristana
  55. Tryndamere
  56. Twisted Fate
  57. Varus
  58. Vayne
  59. Vi
  60. Wukong
  61. Xayah
  62. Xin Zhao
  63. Yasuo
  64. Zed
  65. Ziggs

As one can see, the answer to, how many champions are in Wild Rift is 65. This means that there are 90 champions in League of Legends that have yet to make their way to the Wild Rift. For many players, they are probably happy considering how hard it is to learn League of Legends due to there being so many champions.

For newer players, only have to learn 65 is much more enticing. This was likely Riot’s intent as they ported their uber-successful game over to mobile devices. Many will wonder how long Wild Rift will take to implement their favorite champion? While this answer is not known, the pace of champions being release has certainly been rapid. It would not be surprising to see the full roster within the next two to three years at a maximum as they will want to keep Wild Rift close to League of Legends in terms of gameplay.

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