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Here are Wukong’s Abilities in Wild Rift

Riot recently announced that Wukong was coming to Wild Rift. As primarily a top laner, Wukong provides great teamfight and trickster antics. In competitive League of Legends this season, Wukong saw the limelight in many games due to the mechanics of his clones and ultimate being changed. These changes seem to be coming to the Wild Rift as well.

Here is a summary of Wukong’s abilities.

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Stone Skin


Wukong’s passive gives him extra durability scaling off of level. This skill provides armor and health regeneration, which becomes stronger when Wukong or his clone damages an enemy.

Crushing Blow

1st ability

Crushing Blow empowers Wukong’s next auto-attack. This skill activates not only on Wukong but also his clone. The empowered auto provides bonus attack damage, armor reduction, and increased range.

Use Crushing Blow to reset auto attacks and animations to maximize damage on Wukong.

Warrior Trickster

2nd ability

Warrior Trickster creates a clone of Wukong and gives Wukong a small dash along with momentary invisibility. The clone stands still, lasting three seconds. It can use Crushing Blow and Cyclone, Wukong’s ultimate ability.

The dash from Warrior Trickster does not go over walls.

Warrior Trickster does have a long cooldown. Knowledge of the clones sets the phenomenal Wukong players from casual monkeys, serving as one of Wukong’s most important mechanics.

Nimbus Strike

3rd ability

Nimbus Strike pushes Wukong and two other clones forward, hitting a total of three targets. Once the targets have been hit, Wukong and his clone receive bonus attack speed. This is not a skill shot and requires targetable enemies.

Unlike Warrior Trickster, Nimbus Strike can go through walls.

Use the skill to cheese the opponent and create fast attack combinations to deal massive burst damage.



ultimate 1st proc
ultimate 2nd proc

As shown above, Wukong’s ultimate can be used twice in a small time frame. Casting Cyclone spins Wukong and his clone in a circle, knocking up enemies around them.

The spin lasts around two seconds but can be canceled. Casting the ability again within eight seconds does almost the exact same thing, the only caveat being that the clone will not knock up enemies a second time.

Knowing when and how to use Cyclone can devastate the enemy team. Be sure to use both procs of Cyclone alongside the rest of Wukong’s skills to maximize DPS.


In Conclusion

Wukong will make for some wild team fights. His utility with his crowd control and sly antics with Warrior Trickster have placed him as a top tier pick for League of Legends Season 10 competitive play.

With Wukong’s release, the meta of Wild Rift will have a big shift. Keep an eye out and be ready for the monkey king to swing his way into Wild Rift matches very soon.

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