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Darius will Shake up Wild Rift and Here are His Abilities

Darius is a much-anticipated champion soon to be released on Wild Rift. As a top lane bruiser, he will definitely stir up the meta, providing bleed damage in a game where life steal has become dominant.

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Here is a summary of Darius’ abilities for people who wish to be informed of the threat coming soon to the Wild Rift.


His passive, hemorrhage, causes enemies to bleed. This can stack up to 5 times. At 5 stacks, Darius gains Noxian Might which gives him bonus attack damage and applies full stacks of hemorrhage instead of 1.

This ability is the base of Darius’ damage and makes trading with him very difficult. Thanks to this ability, Darius wins most long trades as enemies cannot stand up to the buff alongside the continuous drain in health.


Decimate is Darius’ first ability.  Using Decimate causes Darius to swing his axe in a circle, dealing more damage to those hit by the blade. Hitting enemies with the blade heals Darius for 12% of his missing health for each champion hit and also applies Hemorrhage.

Decimate gives Darius survivability in team fights, alongside an easy way to apply Hemorrhage. Decimate will provide massive utility for Darius in Wild Rift, where champions are often clumped up together.

Expect some massive heals from this ability, as Darius’ go in 1v5 and manages to somehow survive.

Crippling Strike

Running away from Darius is a nightmare. His second active ability, Crippling Strike, empowers his next auto, dealing bonus physical damage and slowing the target by 90% for one second.


To add onto the despair, Apprehend provides Darius with a hook. He pulls in enemies in front of him and slows them by 40% for one second. The skill also provides armor penetration.

Notice this says enemies. Darius can use his hook on many champions. Though the range is quite short, it marks the beginning of mayhem for the enemy team if utilized well in a team fight.

The best tactic to handle Darius is to burst him down or kite him. But get too close to Darius and he’ll bring down the axe.

Noxian Guillotine

Noxian Guillotine is the most infamous of Darius’ skill, his ultimate. Using it allows Darius to leap to a champion, dealing damage scaling off bonus AD alongside increased damage per stack of Hemorrhage.

Executing an enemy with Noxian Guillotine resets the cooldown on the skill and grants Noxian Might. Nearby minions and monsters flee from him when he gets the reset.

Essentially, once Darius has gathered enough Hemorrhage stacks in a team fight, he becomes quite unstoppable.

In League of Legends, thanks to Noxian Guillotine, Darius was infamous for dunking on the enemy team. When initially released, Darius was horrendously broken. He destroyed every matchup, destroyed every team fight and required a hotfix from Riot.

His dunk mechanics became such a signature that Riot made the skin Dunkmaster Darius to commemorate the memes.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, Darius will not be as powerful in Wild Rift. But seeing as how much the game snowballs out of control, Darius will most definitely be a highly contested pick.

Darius has bleed to counter healing champions and items and builds tanky to avoid the initial burst damage that most meta champions thrive on. The crowd control on his kit alongside execute from his ultimate will without a doubt make for some dunktastic moments on the Wild Rift.


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