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Why Spike Rush is the Perfect Pre-Ranked Warm Up

Spike Rush Warm

Despite the lack of competitive queues in VALORANT’s opening week, players across all skill levels are prepping for the official ranked ladder. Many Counter Strike players are familiar with the process of warming up before hopping into an unrated match, but not everyone wants to spend 10 minutes in the practice range shooting at bots. Fortunately, Riot has given players another option in Spike Rush.

Courtesy of Riot Games

Good for Warming Up with Multiple Weapons

One of the key aspects of Spike Rush is the removal of the economy system. Players don’t need to focus on saving weapons or saving credits for next round, as each player is given a random weapon. A good by-product of this system is that players get a chance to warm up with different weapons in an actual match with zero stakes. Plus, players will wind up using guns they may not have thought to try out in a full match.

Good way to Experiment with Abilities

Ever thought of a clever position to place a Sage wall? Have no idea if that Brimstone smoke actually prevents a sight line? Spike Rush allows players to truly test the waters with abilities against actual players. All agent abilities are free and fully-stocked each round. This game mode is ideal for seeing how some abilities can turn a fight, while each opponent has all of their resources available to them.

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Good to play While Waiting for Friends to Finish a Match

Finding something to do while someone is finishing up a match can be a little annoying. While warming up in the practice range helps kill some time, it can get tedious quick. Luckily, Spike Rush serves as an excellent time-killer. Matches of Spike Rush typically take 6-8 minutes, meaning players can hop in a match and get out fast.

Spike Rush Warm
Courtesy of Riot Games
Good way to De-Stress and Decompress

VALORANT is an extremely taxing game at times. Matches that go the full distance take a mental toll on players and queueing for an immediate full-length match again may not be the best option. Spike Rush serves as a mental “reset” for players that need one. The casual nature of Spike Rush makes it the perfect game mode to relax and joke around before getting back into a serious, competitive mode.

Get Ready for Ranked

Although Riot has yet to announce the first official day of ranked ladder, there are still plenty of things to do before players hop into matches. Players need to play 20 matches in order to queue for ranked, for make sure to get those unrated games in. Take the time to learn some agents, or even pick a particular character to master. Finally, watch some of the pros play. Between the T1 Invitational, and the Twitch Rivals Launch Showdown, there are plenty of VODs to check out to see how improve each and every game.

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