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When is the Next NA VALORANT Tournament?

NA Valorant

The competitive VALORANT scene is slowly growing thanks to the Ignition series. Tournaments worldwide are highlighting players from different regions. In July, there are five new events planned for the Ignition Series outside of the North American region. But when can fans watch the next NA VALORANT tournament?

100 Thieves Gamers for Equality VALORANT Tournament
100 Thieves VALORANT Tournament
Courtesy of 100 Thieves

On July 8, the 100 Thieves organization held a charity event called  “Gamers for Equality”. The tournament featured eight teams competing for the top spot, all of which appeared previously in the T1 x Nerd St Gamers VALORANT Showdown. While it was a one-day event, there were plenty of opportunities for teams to make a statement for themselves, and to raise some meaningful funds for a good cause.

As reigning champs, TSM could not quite find their groove this time around and failed to make it out of groups. Immortals made it to the semi-finals while subbing out Noah “JcStani” Smith. Gen.G , Sentinels, and Together we are Terrific joined the Immortals in the semis, with Sentinels and Together making it to the Grand Finals. Finally, the Sentinels claimed victory in a 2-1 back-and-forth match.

PAX Arena x Ignition Series VALORANT Invitational
Courtesy of Riot Games

In the next upcoming installments of the Ignition Series, the latest North American tournament will be the Pax Arena VALORANT Invitational. This event appears to be a hybrid of past entries in the Ignition Series, bringing together both official teams and celebrity teams. 20 teams will enter to win the largest North American online VALORANT tournament to date. Expect to see plenty of familiar faces, and potentially even see Tyler “Ninja” Blevins make another bid to prove himself in Riot’s latest FPS. Tune in for the PAX Arena VALORANT Invitational starting July 22.

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