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When is Ranked Coming to VALORANT?

VALORANT Ranked is now available in NA and EU. But Riot says it could turn it off if things get “weird”.

The VALORANT team have officially revealed when ranked play will be coming to their game. Competitive mode will be available only in NA and EU to start sometime soon after Patch 0.49. Currently, the game is on Patch 0.47 and still in closed beta although more and more people are being let in. More than likely this means sometime near the middle or end of May 2020. Should VALORANT stay on its own Patch schedule it could be sooner but if it latches on to a similar schedule as League of Legends it could also be near the beginning of June.

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This is because League of Legends patches every two weeks. If VALORANT does the same then Patch 0.48 will be coming out sometime next week, with 0.49 in the middle of May. The development team worded sometime soon after Patch 0.49 which could even mean Patch 0.50 which would happen near the beginning of June.

No matter when Ranked play comes to VALORANT, it will be met with excitement as the game is getting excellent reviews even without being fully released. Not only that but Riot Games are already working on an Esports scene for it with many mini-tournaments popping up. Expect to see more major ones from organizers like Dreamhack, ESL, IEM and potentially even some brand new ones coming to the forefront. It is an exciting time to see a new Esport come to fruition and Riot Games have already proven that they are capable of handling it as they have learned over the past decade with League of Legends. Should Riot fully coming to VALORANT like they have with League then people will be climbing the ranked ladders with aspirations of becoming a pro.

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