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When does the New VALORANT Agent Come Out?

Next Valorant Agent

Valorant has been really good about bringing out new agents on a pretty consistent schedule. Riot Games seems to be following what they did with League of Legends. They want to continue to add characters not only to keep players on their toes, but also to continue building out the world of Valorant. Skye was the most recent agent added but it has been awhile since she came out. Players may be wonder, who is next and when will they be coming out?

*Note: This piece will be updated upon the release of each new agent with the information that is given.

Currently, the plan seems to be to have about six or so agents come out each year with three new maps. They are following what they call an Episode and Act format. There are basically two Episodes in a year with three Acts in each year. If one were to break this down, that would mean six Acts in a year.

For the way they have planned it since the beginning, there will be a new Agent release with each act. Episode one is currently in its third and final Act which saw the release of Skye. So far Reyna, Killjoy and Skye have been released for Episode 1. This should mean that Episode 2 is on the horizon and with it a new Agent.

It would make sense for the Riot team to release a new Episode with the beginning of a new year. That said, if they follow the current release schedule of every two months, then it would actually start in December. That would mean that Agent 14 would be released in December. Otherwise, they are resetting with 2021 and the new agent will come out in January.

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