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What We Know About New VALORANT Map Six

With the Night. Market’s launch brought new evidence pointing to a new VALORANT map. During the last Night. Market tease with Yoru, ‘Split’ was crossed out on its release post. Following the last release method, the sixth new VALORANT map could very well be named ‘Breeze.’


More Leaks Potentially Confirm Breeze


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Leaks from Twitter

Valorant Leaks (@ValorLeaks), a popular Twitter account for all things VALORANT, posted on April 7 a speculation for the new map title, Breeze.

This was speculated after comparing the most recent Night. Market release to the last one that had ‘Split’ crossed out as well. It would make sense that VALORANT developers would use Night. Market to tease players about a new map again.

Data miners also took to Twitter to share their findings. @ValorantExpress tweeted a video that contains what is speculated to be the new map’s loading music. The audio clip features Steelpan beats which are commonly associated with tropical areas, such as the Caribbean. 

Tropical New Map

A tropical beat would then possibly connect to the ‘CARIB.’ text on a recent Night. Market advertisement; CARIB potentially being short for ‘Caribbean. There are also leaked coordinates that can be read from the Night. Market advertisement. If these coordinates are searched, they show up at the Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle, also known as an area where many boats and aircrafts go missing, also connects with the speculation of a tropical sixth map.

This battle pass also allows players to unlock the “Lost at Sea” card at Tier 48. The card is a picture of a boat transferring cargo in the night. The idea of a boat being lost at sea could mean that it is lost within the Bermuda Triangle.

VALORANT’s Turkish Instagram also hinted at this ship image with their Instagram post about Night. Market. They described the Night. Market as “the goods of a sinking ship,” which matches both the Bermuda Triangle coordinates and the previously mentioned player card.

April Fools’ Dating Sim and Map Six

Riot really wanted to have fun with their VALORANT Dating Sim April Fools’ joke. The comedic aspect of it might have caused fans to overlook this detail, but some of the background art points to a tropical area. The frame that features Cypher is unlike the ones that have recognizable backgrounds. Cypher’s background sports a beach, sunny blue skies, and palm trees in the distance. Although it could just be a joke, it closely relates to the rest of the speculations that have been uncovered by main leak accounts and data miners. 

Release Date of Map Six

With all these discoveries, there is still no official release date for VALORANT map six. It could be assumed that players will see this map live fairly soon. Icebox launched within Episode One Act Three. If VALORANT developers follow the Icebox release, then we should see ‘Breeze’ live in Episode Two Act Three. The next Act should be launching on April 21, at the end of this month. If that is the case, VALORANT players might not have too long to wait before VALORANT’s sixth map is live.

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