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What is the VALORANT Mobile Release Date?

VALORANT Mobile Release Date

VALORANT took the world by storm during COVID. While most of the world was stuck in their houses, Riot Games made the decision to launch their first-ever shooter and first game outside of the League of Legends Universe. Ever since, the game has become a major hit with players all around the world hoping on to play it. Now, Riot Games is hoping to reach an even bigger audience with the mobile version. Here is when the VALORANT Mobile Release Date could be.

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While not being talked about much, VALORANT Mobile is a real thing and has been acknowledged by the VALORANT Dev Team as being in the works. Besides this, what is known about VALORANT Mobile is mostly coming from leaks. The most recent coming in early April, 2022, showing that the game may be in a testing phase already.

It would seem as though Riot Games is going all-in on mobile gaming. Just in the past few years they have added Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics and now League of Legends to their mobile arsenal. For fans of Riot Games who may not have great computers or who may want to play these games while on the go, they are getting their wish.

Now it brings up whether any of these games will see the light of day on consoles? Initially, League of Legends Mobile, also known as Wild Rift, was meant to be on console as well. The plans for that release have either been forgotten about by most or they are completely on the backburner.

Either way, the VALORANT Mobile Release Date is likely a bit away. If they are just now secretly testing the game without any official announcement, it is unlikely that fans will be able to play the game soon. That being said, Riot Games did release VALORANT an open beta at a very surprising time for the main game. Maybe they prefer surprises?

Don’t expect the VALORANT Mobile Release Date to be in 2022 but more likely at the beginning of 2023 at the earliest.

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