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What is Skye’s Release Date?

Skye Release Date

On Thursday October 8, VALORANT introduced players to it’s latest agent Skye. The announcement comes a few days after revealing the brand new map “Icebox”, and a new roadmap for Act II as a whole. The roadmap includes a clear guideline for when players can expect the latest VALORANT content.

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Skye’s released was actually pushed back a bit in order to give players the new map earlier. A concession VALORANT felt was a net positive for players, as many felt the number of playable maps was on the low side. The fifth new map will be available when Act III drops next week.

Skye Release Date
Courtesy of Riot Games

On the other hand, players will have to wait a bit longer for Skye. Because of the efforts to expedite Icebox, Skye will not be available until October 27th. The later date is an unfortunate by-product of Riot’s debugging process. In the past the VALORANT team has thrown new maps into the game without finding ever tiny bug, in favor of giving the player base new toys. Riot wants to find all the issues with Icebox before releasing a new agent as well.

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