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What is Killjoy’s Release Date?

After a decently long wait, Agent 12, Killjoy has been revealed. She will be bringing some bots and other interesting abilities with her. Also, she has been revealed to be the first German-based agent in the game. The question now is, when is her release date?

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It was revealed previously that there would be a new agent coming out about every two months or three times an episode or even once an act. This means that every two months for at least the first year, there will be a new VALORANT Agent arriving to change things up.

With that, Reyna, who was Agent 11, came out right at the beginning of June. That means that two months later, Killjoy should be coming out near the beginning of August. Riot Games has taken another page out of the Overwatch book and started to put teasers in the game to confirm this.

With Killjoy’s official reveal, this poster seems extremely important. With the number “4” on it that seems to indicate the date that Killjoy will be coming out. Combining this with the face that it is already known that a new Agent will be released every two months and the likely release date for Killjoy will be August 4. For even more evidence, the battlepass is currently supposed to also end on August 4. If there was any doubt it is also a Tuesday, when Riot Games release new content across all of their games currently.

It is safe to say that if Killjoy is not at least on the PBE by August 4, then many fans will be scratching their heads.

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