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VALORANT’S Night. Market is Back

As of April 7, 2021, Night. Market is back for two weeks. Players, be sure to check it out and grab the skins you have been waiting for. The price can’t be guaranteed any other time.

About Night. Market

Night. Market randomly selects six different skins to players’ stores at a discounted price. Both the skins themselves and their prices are randomly generated, so each store’s offer is unique to the account each player uses. If one has ever played League of Legends, it works a lot like their “My Shop” feature.

Night. Market started last December, but after sales did very well, VALORANT developers have brought it back again and again. It is expected that if Night. Market keeps doing well, it will become a staple to close out the Acts.

Sought After Skins

VALORANT is known for offering very unique weapon skins… at a price. It is much more cost-effective to buy skins when their bundles are featured in the shop. Although that is the case, some players hesitate to drop money on bundles when they only want one or two of the gun skins. This usually is regretted later when the shop’s contents don’t always continue to carry the specific skins someone might want.

When VALORANT announced the new Night. Market, VALORANT players on Twitter dropped their comments hoping for the Reaver Vandal. The Reaver Vandal is known to be one of the most popular Vandal skins, behind the Prime collection. After the Prime 2.0 bundle was released, many players were hoping for a revamped Reaver collection but were presented with the Magepunk bundle instead.

The Edlerflame collection also consistently sits as a popular skin bundle since its release in July 2020, almost a year ago. It included an Elderflame Vandal, Guardian, Frenzy and Operator, as well as a knife. Although VALORANT has not revived bundles to appear as a collection in the shop, this bundle might be one that would still catch many players’ eyes. Or, better yet, VALORANT developers might be considering following their Prime 2.0 bundle with a new Elderflame collection.

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Time is Ticking

With only two weeks to check out the Night. Market, players should make sure to take a look at what is in their shop. Between the huge discounts and an opportunity to add some new skins to the collection, the Night. Market is an exciting and wallet-friendly option for skin collectors. 

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