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VALORANT Zedd Skins Potentially Leaked


VALORANT is starting to work its way into pop-culture. In a potential leak, a new Zedd melee weapon skin was found in the game files coming with VALORANT Episode 3 Act 2. Zedd is one of the most popular DJ/musical artists in the world and most importantly, he is a gamer. Here is a look at the potential VALORANT Zedd Skins.

Zedd VALORANT Skins Confirmed & Revealed

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Only earlier, new skins were being revealed as the Recon Bundle skins for VALORANT. Now with Episode 3 Act 2, it would seem as though there will certainly be some interesting additions to the game. The first is a new map that will either be named Canyon or Fracture. Neither has been confirmed but an image of the map has been teased by VALORANT.

As for the Zedd skins, this was revealed by @ShiinaVLR on Twitter.

As one can see, this would likely be the melee skin coming to VALORANT. It has the Z signature for Zedd and very clearly says Zedd in the background of the picture. Surely, this will be a fan-favorite skin line going forward.

As stated before this is not confirmed but if it is a fake, it seems to be very convincing. Then after this tweet, another reputable leaker @ValorLeaks also tweeted about the Zedd weapon but stated it was an entire skin line.

This will be a great addition to the game should it come. VALORANT is one of the most popular games in the world right now and an addition of this type to their skins would only make it even more popular.

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