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VALORANT Updates: Patch 2.05

The new VALORANT patch, Patch 2.05 is here as of March 16. This patch includes some bug fixes and long awaited updates in terms of penalties for AFK players as well as chat-based offenders.

Competitive Updates

After the hidden Act rank for earlier patches, some players were not excited about this change. In Patch 2.05, players now have the option to toggle the display of their Act rank. Developers also noted in their update that the default is “on,” so players will need to go into settings to turn it off if they want to.

There is also now a new Match History tab to filter matches per mode. This update makes it easier for players to just view their Competitive match history.

A penalty update for competitive mode is that players will now receive a small rank rating penalty for dodging Competitive games. 

For the top tier players out there, Radiant Rank Rating gains and losses will now be more consistent with Immortal rank rating behavior. This changes helps Radiant Ranking to align more closely to the rest of VALORANT’S ranking system.

Finally, a nice little visual update, the Custom Games layout and visuals have been improved. 

Social Updates

Patch 2.05 includes improved AFK Detection. Hopefully this update there will be less players who are able to get away with AFK behavior. Along with this, there are updated penalties for AFK offenses including warnings, queue restrictions, XP denial, Competitive queue bans and game bans. VALORANT is doing everything in their power to discourage players from farming XP while AFK from active players. With these raised stakes though, hopefully VALORANT’S AFK detection has a lesser chance of penalizing players for disconnections caused by network issues. 

There are now updated penalties for chat-based offenses: warnings, chat restrictions, Competitive queue restrictions, and game bans. Players who have Comms restrictions placed on them will not be able to play ranked games. This rule should discourage players to act out over Comms because they will be able to queue in higher stakes matches.

List of Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Ranked game icons were misaligned in Match History
  • Astra now starts Spike Rush games with all 5 star charges
  • Killjoy can’t place Lockdown off the ground by jumping and placing it on cosmetic pieces of geo on the walls anymore
  • Fixed issue where Cypher’s Spycam dart could sometimes hit players that were on the other side of a wall
  • Fixed Killjoy not getting charges from her Alarmbot and Turret back if they are recalled after she is resurrected
  • Fixed dead enemies being counted as flashed enemies in the combat report
  • Fixed Astra’s “Out of charges” VO not playing for her abilities while in Astral Form
  • Fixed the deafening effect on nearsights not playing if Astra is in the game
  • Fixed Cypher’s Spycam targeting going through Sage’s wall
  • Fixed Astra having trouble placing Stars on the defender side boxes of Icebox mid from the A site
  • Sova Drone and Astra ascend/descend binds now properly respect changed jump/crouch keybinds
  • The defuse range circle indicator that shows after planting the Spike again displays properly.
  • Fixed a rare bug that could leave players unable to move or process inputs until they died when entering or returning from Astra’s astral form, Sova’s drone, Skye’s scout, or Cypher’s Spy Camera.
  • We previously addressed some causes of this bug last patch, this fix should address the remaining known causes.
  • Fixed an issue where the Stinger’s stock would appear detached on the ground
  • Improved readability of player names in Observer
  • Fixed an issue where Skye’s seekers did not visibly move on Brimstone’s tactical map
  • Fixed an issue where scoreboard color doesn’t appropriately swap at side swap for Observers
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the “Network Problem” icon to appear when no network issues were present

With these updates, Patch 2.05 is another step for VALORANT developers to ensure that players are queued with both active and respectable teammates. 


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