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VALORANT teases an Icy Cold New Map and Agent?

About 10 days after teasing an announcement of some sort, the VALORANT team released a new video on their Twitter account. This one seemed to give a lot more details than the previous one. With a new Act coming to the game, it is not surprising that there are some new additions as well. Check out the video below.

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In this tweet, it states that “Something’s Dropping”. This is likely a reference to the temperature or it could just mean a content drop. Either way, there is something new coming out and many people are skeptical of what it could be.

This is normally around the time that VALORANT has said that a new Act would start. With the first two, there was a new agent drop. With the very first one there was one of both. This seems like it means that a Russian agent may be dropping due to the fact that there is a Russian word hidden in the ice.

Along with this, the translated Russian word Пять, means five. There are currently four maps in the game. The hope for many is that this would finally be the new map that they have been waiting for. A new one has not dropped since release day and would be a very welcome change in the opinion of many players.

Whatever it ends up being, it is new content for the steadily growing FPS from Riot Games. Met with a lot of positivity, the game has been relatively quiet since bringing out their last agent. They have continued having tournaments and sticking to their goal of growing the game organically. This is similar to how their other major IP, League of Legends was grown into one of the biggest esports in the world.

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