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VALORANT Team Teases Brand New Agent

New Valorant Agent

Only a day after confirming a brand new map, Icebox, the VALORANT team teased a brand new agent as well. Her name and abilities were not revealed but her appearance was. Take a look below to see what she looks like.

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New Valorant Agent

New VALORANT Agent Along with other Act III Items

In this roadmap for Act III, it showed the new map, gun skins, gun buddies and most important the newest Agent. As of right now, the VALORANT team has stated that they want to release a new agent with each new act. They have done this as Reyna came out with Act I, then Killjnoy in Act II. While this agent does not yet have a name, they have given a teaser for her abilities and have confirmed her release date.

Fox-Like Creature

With the fox shown above and the falcon-like bird on her arm, it is safe to say she has some sort of connection to wildlife. Could this mean that her abilities are all animal-related? Riot Games has had this concept before with Udyr from League of Legends. He is a shapeshifter that uses animal spirits to give him his powers.

An agent in a similar vein as Udyr would definitely be one of note for an FPS such as VALORANT. It is not a completely foreign concept but one that is not seen as often in today’s shooters. That said VALORANT is not a game with a team that wants to keep things conventional.

As more information about this new Agent comes out, The Game Haus will have it covered.

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