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VALORANT Team Ace Skins Potentially Leaked

VALORANT Team Ace Skins

VALORANT continues to bring the heat with their gun skins. There was surprisingly not a leak until much closer to the release this time. Normally something comes out about a day or at least a few hours before the reveal and there was not this time. Are the VALORANT devs cracking down on leaks? Either way, here are the VALORANT Team Ace Skins just before the end of the year.

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These VALORANT skins are interesting as they put the characters on the guns and give it a Vegas type feel. They apparently also come with the cards that are shown. Here is a look at the leak from @ValorLeaks on Twitter should these be the actual skins.

These are some of the more unique skins to come out lately. They match more of the agents than anything. The ace refers to someone killing everyone in the round themselves. What is important is that it shows only Duelist. Specifically five of the six that are in the game with Neon being left out. Also, there is no knife this time.

Here is a look at which guns are getting these new skins as well as the melee weapon in the skin line.

  • Team Ace Judge
  • Team Ace Phantom
  • Team Ace Vandal
  • Team Ace Operator
  • Team Ace Frenzy

The Riot Games VALORANT team continues to put out great skins. Ever since the game’s release, it has been clear that their goal is to give their players a variety of different choices. This is something that they learned from the League of Legends team as both are putting out new skins basically every two weeks.

As VALORANT continues to grow, they will continue to put out new skins and great new themes.

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