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VALORANT RGX 11Z Pro Skins Officially Revealed


VALORANT continues to bring the heat and consistently has hit with their gun skins. There was a leak that said they are releasing their RGX 11Z Pro skins and with it, a katana may finally be added to VALORANT. Now that leak has been confirmed and here is a look at the RGX 11Z Pro skins.

The known leaker, @ValorLeaks is bringing the reveals yet again with these new skins. Here is their Tweet from just a few hours ago.

Here is the official VALORANT Tweet.

While these skins certainly look good, they will likely be on the lower end in terms of price for new skins. Compared to the VALORANT GO! Vol. 2 and Zedd skins, these are a nice break from top-end skins. That said, the neon coloring and the katana might be enough to push people over the edge to buy them.

Another addition that wasn’t known before is that they will have different variations of Green, Red, Blue and Yellow. Also that they will have a kill tracker that may not be a lifetime one but an in-game one.

Here is a look at which guns have the new VALORANT RGX 11Z Pro skins.

  • RGX 11Z Pro Frenzy
  • RGX 11Z Pro Stinger
  • RGX 11Z Pro Guardian
  • RGX 11Z Pro Vandal
  • RGX 11Z Pro Katana/Melee

The Riot Games VALORANT team continues to put out great skins. Ever since the game’s release, it has been clear that their goal is to give their players a variety of different choices. This is something that they learned from the League of Legends team as both are putting out new skins basically every two weeks.

As VALORANT continues to grow, they will continue to put out new skins and great new themes.

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VALORANT RGX 11Z Pro Skins Potentially Leaked October 5, 2021 at 6:03 pm

[…] The VALORANT RGX 11Z Pro Skins have been Officially Revealed. […]


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