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VALORANT Ignition Series July Recap

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Riot’s Ignition Series is certainly heating up this summer. The VALORANT competitive scene is continuing to grow, and tournaments are happening all over. July featured plenty of open and invitational tournaments, and teams are starting to break away from the pack. Save some time watching hours of VODs with TGH’s Ignition Series recap for July.

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GGTech VALORANT Invitational, July 2 – 3
Ignition Series July
Courtesy of Riot Games

Region: LATAM

The GGTech VALORANT Invitational was the first Latin American Ignition series tournament. This tournament actually featured two separate brackets, a northern and a southern bracket. Each bracket  contained eight of the best teams currently in the LATAM region. Each match leading to the final was decided by a best of three, and the champion was decided by a best of five series.

Final Standings – LAN

  1. Estral Esports
  2. Timbers Esports
  3. XTEN Esports
  4. Arctic Gaming Mexico

Final Standings – LAS

  1. Rebirth Esports
  2. Undead Gaming
  3. Furious Gaming
  4. All Knights
Cyber Games Arena VALORANT Pacific Open, July 3 – 5
Ignition Series July
Courtesy of Riot Games

Region: SEA

The Cyber Games Arena VALORANT Pacific Open was by far the largest open tournament VALORANT has seen. Qualifiers for the tournament took place across Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. The top two teams in each bracket advanced to the main event later on in August.


  • Taiwan
    1. Superdomineering
  • Hong Kong
    1. Only One Word
    2. LEGENDs
  • Thailand
    1. Thailand Attitude
    2. Nonamegaming
  • Singapore
    1. Vindicta
    2. FlyBananaMelon
  • Indonesia
    1. XORGEE
    2. buwungpuyu
  • Malaysia
    1. Unrated
    2. Lucky Seven
  • Philippines
    • ANBU Elite Gaming
Vitality European VALORANT Open, July 10 – 12
Ignition Series July
Courtesy of Riot Games

Region: EMEA

The Vitality Open showcased eight of the strongest teams Europe has to offer. Each team battled it out in round-robin group stages, with the top two teams in each group advancing. Teams like FABRIKEN, Party Parrots and G2 all found success in the group stages. It was double-elimination for the knockout stage, but in the end, it was G2 that ran away from the rest of the pack.

Final Standings

  1. G2 Esports
  2. Prodigy
  4. Party Parrots
WePlay! Esports x Ignition: The WePlay! July 13 – 19
Ignition Series July
Courtesy of Riot Games

Region: EMEA

Shortly after the Vitality Open, the WePlay! Invitational saw some familiar teams duking it out in an eight-team double elimination bracket. The top four teams escaped into the playoff round. Once again, it was G2 handling the competition. Party Parrots and the newly formed Ninjas in Pyjamas played well, but just missed the mark against the back-to-back champs.

Final Standings

  1. G2 Esports
  2. Fish123
  3. Ninjas in Pyjamas
  4. Party Parrots.
The Gamers Club Ultimate, July 17 – 19
Ignition Series July
Courtesy of Riot Games

Region: Brazil

The first of the Brazilian Ignition Series, the Gamer’s Club Ultimate featured eight teams, split into two groups. The initial group stage was a single-map, double elimination bracket. Four teams made it into the playoffs, two from each bracket. The playoffs continued to be single-map matches, up until the finals, which featured a best of three bout.

Final Standings

  1. Gamelanders
  2. Team oNe
  3. Full CS
  4. Bottom Fraggers
PAX Arena VALORANT Invitational, July 22 – 26
Ignition Series July
Courtesy of Riot Games

Region: NA

Potentially the most hyped tournament in July, the PAX Arena Invitational did not disappoint. While audiences expected greatness from teams like TSM and T1, it was a team called “Homeless” that stole the show. Led by break-out star Huu “Supamen” Le, Homeless took down 100 Thieves in the group stage, and gave T1 a quick 2-0 in the knockout stage. Eventually falling to Tyson “TenZ” Ngo and friends, Homeless still remains without an organization even after their impressive run.

Final Standings

  1. Sentinels
  2. Cloud9
  3. Team SoloMid
  4. Homeless
Order Oceanic VALORANT Open
Ignition Series July
Courtesy of Riot Games

Region: OCE

After narrowing down the field of over one thousand contestants, the Order Oceanic Open featured sixteen teams in a double elimination bracket. With two groups of eight teams, six teams advanced to the playoff portion of the bracket. The winners of the brackets received a first-round bye. Team Launch certainly took off as they dispatched the competition without dropping a map in both group and playoff stages.

Final Standings

  1. Team Launch
  2. EXO Clan
  3. Control
  4. Unnamed


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