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VALORANT Fracture Map: A First Look

VALORANT Fracture Map

After a lot of teasing and some leaks, the new VALORANT Fracture map has been revealed. In a press release, the VALORANT team has revealed the newest map added to their popular FPS. This map will do more than just be a place to play, it is also going to move the story forward in a pretty major way. Expect an amazing trailer for this map and to help with the lore of VALORANT. Before that though, here is a first look at the new VALORANT Fracture Map.

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Below are images of the newest map, Fracture. Here is a description of the map from the VALORANT team.

“Fracture is the seventh VALORANT map. In its simplest form, the map is marked by its H-shape layout with a visual split down the middle that reveals contrasting sides. Long ziplines also connect routes underneath. Like previous maps, keep an eye out for heavy tie-ins to VALORANT lore, including first-time interactive narrative objects.”

Key Features

  • H-shaped layout, Defender Spawn sits in the middle of the map
  • Ziplines run under the map to connect front and back
  • First map with interactive objects
  • First exposure to Mirror Earth Kingdom; map expands on the mirrorverse and both Kingdoms

VALORANT Fracture Map VALORANT Fracture Map

The H shape of this map will certainly be interesting and will provide some epic battles in the middle. There is also no doubt that this will be one of if not the most unique map to date. Even in CSGO, they were unwilling to go this far in a map. Surely, the developers will be looking to see what player’s opinions are as this map will be joining the fray here soon.

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