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VALORANT Fade Release Date

VALORANT Fade Release Date

After many leaks and teasers, it would seem as though the new VALORANT Agent is on their way. According to a leak, the name for the new agent will be Fade. With everything that has been seen in the official teasers, it would seem as though this name would make sense. Now with the official release, Fade can be confirmed as the new agent. Here is a look at the VALORANT Fade Release Date.

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VALORANT took a break from releasing new agents to focus on the balance of the game. These changes along with some other focuses made this the second Episode in a row that featured two agents instead of the three originally planned. Now though, Fade is bringing the fear and the tactical side. Here is a look at the reveal from the VALORANT Dev team.

When discussing the VALORANT Fade release date, one should be looking at when the next Act will start. According to the Battle Pass for VALORANT Episode 4 Act 2, that Act will be ending on May 10, 2022. That means that VALORANT Episode 4 Act 3 will be most likely start on May 11, 2022.

So the VALORANT Fade Release Date should be either May 10 or May 11, 2022.

While things can and do change, Riot Games and the VALORANT Dev team normally let their fans know ahead of time. If there is a major change such as an Agent being pushed back, they would have said something by now. Along with this, leaks have been coming out which normally only happen a few days ahead of the release. One can conclude that VALORANT Fade is on the way, and likely very soon.

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