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VALORANT Fade Potentially Leaked as New Agent Name

Valorant Fade

After many leaks and teasers, it would seem as though the new VALORANT Agent is on their way. According to a leak, the potential name for the new agent will be Fade. With everything that has been seen in the official teasers, it would seem as though this name would make sense. Here is a look at the VALORANT Fade leak.

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VALORANT Agent Fade Partially Revealed


VALORANT Fade Officially Revealed


A known VALORANT Leaker, @ValorLeaks on Twitter has been digging into the new agent coming to VALORANT. They have been revealing the Codename of the character and keeping fans up to date on things like the latest skins. Here is the Tweet revealing the agent name.

Generally, ValorLeaks is on top of things. They seem to have a good read on this one as the name seems to fit the style that VALORANT likes along with the teasers that have been shown.

What is interesting is whether or not this means that the character will be playing nightmares through their opponent’s heads or maybe something like having a dash? Fading in and out would be an interesting way for an agent to have mobility. This would be similar to Reaper’s ability in Overwatch if that were the case.

Also with the leak came the description according to ValorLeaks.

If they are an Initiator and this is correct, then it would seem as though the terror part will certainly have to do with the teasers.

Overall as always with leaks and rumors, take this one with a grain of salt. That being said, ValorLeaks is generally right on time with these meaning the official release for VALORANT Fade could be coming very soon.

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