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Valorant Episode 4 is here

Valorant Episode 4

The newest episode of Valorant is here. To commemorate the start of a new episode, Valorant released a cinematic showing off some incredible visuals and gunplay. Team Forge, as Phoenix calls it, gang up on a robot for practice. Fighting against bots should be pretty easy, right? Make sure to check out the video linked below, since it’s quite the pleasurable viewing experience. Watching the cinematic is sure to excite veterans and beginners alike, as they ready up for the Valorant Episode 4.

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The cinematic brilliantly introduces the beginning of Valorant Episode 4, with separate acts sure to come. For those who don’t know, episodes are split into Acts. And each Act represents a competitive time in Valorant. Typically, each Act contains around four or five patches, with two weeks in between each patch. Therefore, expect some big updates very soon, as Valorant developers begin ramping up for the new content cycle. From balance patches, quality of life changes, and even a new agnet: Neon, there’s a ton more to look forward to.

In Conclusion

Valorant Episode 4 begins, starting the episode off with a gorgeous cinematic. While watching the animation, it’s almost impossible not to be excited for the new changes that are sure to come. And with each act, of course, there’s a new battle pass. Valorant Episode 4 Act 1 will last around two months, switching off into Act 2 in around March. If the remainder of Act 1 is delivered as well as the cinematic, the Valorant community is in for a great time.

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